2 Inexpensive Ways to Bring Life Into a Home Decor


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Have you lived in your home for a while and think it needs a “facelift”? Or maybe you’re just moving in and want to add aesthetic appeal to your home? Whatever the case is upgrading your home decor doesn’t have to be costly. There are unique little design tricks that you can use to your advantage to bring any room in your home to life. Below are a few suggestions you might give a try:

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1. Feature or Accent Walls

The walls play a huge role in the overall vibe of a room. From the choice of paint color down to the designs and features added to the walls, it can easily take a room from dull and boring to vibrant and filled with character. If you have a reasonably dull room that you want to add some life to, consider investing in some of the following to create a feature or accent wall:

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Wall Mural Decals – An image, pattern, shape, or texture can change the appearance of a wall, therefore changing the overall appearance of the room. Wall mural decals are a great way to change the look of a wall in you room. A nice nature theme, for instance, could give a more tranquil feel to a bathroom while a sports decal would be great for a kid’s room.

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Paint – Painting a wall a complimentary or accent color is another way to make your room pop with life. For instance, hues of blue and green go well together. Going more vibrant with yellows and oranges would also pair well. Paint your entire room the main color of your choice and then add a feature color to the wall of your choice.

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Frames or Canvas Art – Your feature wall should stand out the most in the room. You can have fun with this by adding your own artwork to the walls. Family photos with neatly placed picture frames, a nice splattered design created with your own paintbrushes, or even a collage of your favorite pieces of artwork from local or famous artists would make the wall more attractive.

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Shelves – Shelving is always great to add to a room. Not only can shelves add more style to a room, but they can also be beneficial in improving functionality. Shelves can look great with books, candles, collector’s items, or whatever else you’d like to add to them to make the wall pop.

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2. Small Accessories For Home Decor

No room is complete without a few choice home decor accessories placed throughout it. Accessories can easily add color, style, or functionality to a room and is an inexpensive investment for those looking to upgrade the look of their home. Some ideas for accessories might include:

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Throw pillows – Relatively inexpensive is the option of throw pillows. They come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors to match any room in your home. You can place them neatly on couches and chairs, or pile them up in the family room for comfort while watching TV with the kids.

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Candles (and holders) – Candles are a common accessory for sprucing up your home. They have candles in just about every color and scent imaginable along with unique holders to make them look attractive. You can place candles nicely on side tables, shelving units, and even install them to walls for a nice elegant finish.

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Area Rugs – Whether you have carpeting, hardwood floors, or tiles in the home, you can add some life, style, and color to a room by putting down an area rug. They come in varying sizes, colors, and designs for you to match the decor in any room. They can easily be placed in the center of a room to pull in the overall color scheme.

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Home decor does not have to be something that costs you a ton of money to do. The above ideas are certainly very affordable and easy to do on your own. Each of these suggestions will help to add just a little more character and life to your home. Have fun choosing colors, designs, and sizes that will ultimately make your house feel more like a home.

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