Considerations to Make When Buying Your First Sofa—4 Tips from the Pros

Did you know that a sofa is an important furniture investment? You may live with your sofa for many years so it’s essential you pick the right design and fit for you & your living space. Make sure you like it as much in five years’ time as on day one.

Everyone has their own personal style. It’s wise to pick a sofa that resonates with your own style but a piece of furniture that’s premium quality is even more important. There are many stylish and comfortable sofas Melbourne manufacturers make. So select a shop that sells the highest quality furniture you will love.

If you do find a Melbourne sofa store here are considerations to make when selecting your first sofa for your home.

Test the Sofa Before You Buy It

Test the Sofa Before You Buy It

Most people buy sofas for their aesthetics alone and they don’t care much for comfort. But if you’re not one of these people testing a sofa before you buy it is extremely important.

A quality sofa usually has a seat depth of 60cm which allows tall people to rest their legs comfortably when they sit. Shorter people can simply tuck their legs in if their feet don’t touch the ground.

However, the seat depths can vary depending on the style of the sofa. This is why it’s essential that you test this feature on the sofa you want to buy. Make sure your legs rest comfortably when you sit.

You want to be able to relax on your sofa so ensure the cushions are comfortable, the armrests are at a perfect height and the texture of the fabric is pleasant.

The Colour and Texture of the Fabric

The colour of your sofa shouldn’t clash with any of the features in your lounge. Ensure the colour of the fabric complements the interior decorations of your living space.

A lounge that has minimalistic paintwork would go well with sofas that have bold patterns and tones. Patterned fabrics should always align perfectly at the seams of the sofa.

If you have a living space with more colour and statement fixtures select a sofa with a single shade.
The Colour and Texture of the Fabric
Consider the texture of the fabric. The fabric should never irritate your skin. The fabric on your sofas should be soft and comfortable to the touch.

Your sofa shouldn’t tear or come apart at the seams. The sofa’s fabric should be extremely durable and last for many years as it’s an investment. Here are popular sofa fabrics you can pick that are strong and comfortable to sit on:

  • Cotton: It’s a natural fibre that’s soft and robust. It’s also easy to maintain and they’re available in different colours & designs.
  • Leather: Leather is manufactured from animal hide and it’s the most popular fabric of them all because of its aesthetics. Leather is extremely durable and looks better with age. It’s also easy to clean as you can simply wipe the leather down with a damp cloth.
  • Polyester: This type of fabric is resistant to moths and mildew. It’s typically used in fabric blends to make them more durable.
  • Wool: It comes from sheep fur and it’s used to manufacture sofas in colder regions. This is because wool has a soft and warm feel to it. The only drawback of wool is that it’s not easy to clean.

Take Measurements

Sofas come in myriads of shapes and sizes. If you opt for a bulky sofa and you have small doors in your house you may have a difficult time getting your new furniture through the entrance.

Measure your door frames before going sofa shopping. This will give you a reference for the size of sofa you should buy to make sure it will fit through the doorways.

It’s also important to take measurements of the sofa to see if it will fit in your living space. Some houses and apartments have small rooms so a bulky sofa may take up too much space. Bigger sofas look well in bigger spaces but for smaller rooms, opt for a streamlined sofa.

Quality of the Frame

Quality of the Frame
No matter how durable the fabric is over many years of use your sofa may begin to wither and tear. In this case, some people will opt to have the sofa reupholstered. But this can only be done if the framework is sturdy and robust.

Check the strength of the frame and the materials used to make the sofa. Frames made with plastic or particleboard will never last. Always select a sofa with a hardwood frame namely oak or beech wood.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what features to look for, go to a sofa shop in Melbourne that sells high-quality furniture for you to buy. Consult the sales clerk in the shop to help you find the perfect couch for your home. The pros know best!

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