Best Ways to Move Cross Country at Low Cost

Yes, it is difficult to move at affordable prices when it comes on the cross country move. According to a study, the average moving cost for uninterested move is approximately $4, 300. If you want to know the total cost of the move of your interstate move then do your maths to estimate the total cost of the move. Fortunately, we have many less expensive ways to move out of state. Now it is possible to move out of state without making a hole in your pocket with so many options from hiring labor-only movers to renting shipping containers.

Here is a list of these moves to save money on your next cross country move.

Gather free moving supplies

Gather free moving supplies

Gathering free moving supplies is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of a long-distance move. This means you can ask for free boxes, bubble wraps, newspapers from your friend or nearby retailer. You can collect moving boxes for free from Book Stores, friends, neighbors, recycling drop off points, local schools and so on.

Rent a shipping truck

Embark on a DIY move renting a moving truck. It is recommended you to rent a moving truck from a reputable company to have a successful move. In a DIY move, you can save thousands of your dollars. In such a move, all you have to pay is just the cost used for renting a truck, insurance cost and fuel cost according to the distance traveled by truck.

Rent a portable moving container

Renting a portable moving container is so one of the best popular ways for a long-distance move. Renting a portable container is a much cheaper option as compared to hiring full-fledged professional movers. Apart from that, it also offers you storage solution before and after your move so in case, if you are short in storage then hiring moving containers is an ideal option for you.

Usually renting a moving container will cost you from $2, 000 to $3, 000 or in between for a long-distance move.

Be flexible with your moving date

Believe it or not, if you are flexible in your moving date then you can reduce the cost of your move. The dates on which mover is higher in demand are costlier as compare to those which are lesser in demand. So avoid peak moving days if you want to save money. Avoid moving on weekends and the first and last week of the month. Moving from October to April is a great option.

Hire moving labor

Hire moving labor
Rather than hiring full-fledged professional Movers, it is a great option to hire moving labor to load and unload your belongings. Even you can take help from them in packing and other moving-related tasks. Though moving labor does not know about handling fragile items but on your supervision, they can work according to you. They can offer you services such as junk removal services, pick up help, help in loading and unloading of belongings, packing and unpacking help and in other tasks of moving.

Shipping your stuff

If you have lesser belongings to move then shipping your stuff will be an ideal option for you. Even some companies offer shipping services of larger and heavier objects. All you have to do is to choose the right shipping company for yourself.

Rent a freight trailer

Renting a bright trailer is another alternative to choosing a full-fledged moving company. Certain trailer renting companies drop off a large trailer of approximate 28 feet at your doorstep for one or two days allowing you to load it with your belongings within a specific time. After that specific time, the company will pick it up and drive it containing your belongings to your new location. The cost for renting trailer is cheaper than hiring a professional mover company allowing you to save some of your bucks.

Ask help from your friends and family

Taking help from your friends or family is also a great option to save a few bucks on your next move. If you are looking for the cheapest option to move then asking for help from your friends or family is probably the best option for you. But in this case, you have to work according to their schedules. It is also recommended due to offer a small treat of pizza, wine along with a Thank you card as a sweet gesture so they will be happy while helping you.

Ask for a discount from movers

Ask for a discount from movers
When hiring movers is only the option that fits in your needs and demands then looking for a discount is the best way to save a few bucks of your pocket. Search about moving companies which offers deals and discounts. Use moving cost calculator to get an idea of moving cost then ask for three to four companies to get moving quote. This will help you to get the best deal.

Ask your company to pay for your move

Some companies will pay the cost of your move especially when you are moving for work. If you got a new job from your company then asking for moving cost from your company is an ideal option for you.

These are the several options that help you to move at affordable rates while not breaking your bank. Follow any of these and move at affordable rates.

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