Consider Financing Options to Avoid Sinking Into Heavy Debts Post Home Renovation

Springtime is that part of the year when you welcome back backyard bumblebees and baseball and it is time for homeowners to execute their home renovation plans that they have been making since the winter months. It is certainly no secret that home décor or renovation could be really an expensive proposition. Even though you are simply thinking of refurbishing a section of the house such as just a room, the costs would be adding up quickly. Are you thinking in terms of installing hardwood floors or buying carpeting to cover the existing floor? Are you going to invest in new furniture? What sort of painting would you wish to use for coloring your home? Are you thinking about new light fixtures? What about wall hangings, accessories and décor items?

As per, “Whatever your outlook, home improvements, and repairs can get very pricey, very fast. A minor kitchen remodeling costs an average of $20,830, vinyl window replacement is $15,282, and the addition of master bedroom could easily cost a cool quarter-million dollars.”

The very thought of spending on all these home décor elements could be pretty overwhelming and challenging for you. It could seem like an insurmountable challenge if you try to do everything with a limited budget. However, you know that the majority of the homeowners seek funds for home renovation projects and they opt for a traditional loan. This seems to be a highly acceptable and institutionalized way of getting the funds that you need for renovating your house.

Some Considerations Before You Borrow for Your Home Renovation

Some Considerations Before You Borrow for Your Home Renovation

Home improvement projects may easily snowball and today you have access to multiple options for financing the undertaking. Let us discuss certain things to consider before taking any loans for home renovation. You must examine the financial viability of the entire exercise. Read on to know why borrowing could be of huge help for your home remodeling project and also, understand some of the precautions before seeking financial help.

Renovation Loans Could Be Boosting Your Returns

Apart from helping people to fulfill their aspirations associated with their dream homes, refurbishment loans could also, assist homeowners in boosting the returns on all their home renovation endeavors. This is particularly true suppose the home was purchased at a depressed price because of some reason and currently requires a face-lift to get ready for a fix-and-flip. There is no point making slight changes here and there within your tight renovation budget. But if you take a home improvement loan in this case, you would then be having an adequate budget for making your house inhabitable and functional. Your fully-functional property could be sold at a high price that would fetch you a solid profit.

Beware of High-Interest Expenses that May Impact Your Returns

Borrowing may not be the best idea if you are doing a renovation on a slightly larger scale particularly if the house is already functional and you are renovating it for making things more lavish and luxurious. That is chiefly because of the fact that refurbishment would be having a definite diminishing marginal return once the project tends to be more costly.

Think twice before you think of a high-end kitchen renovation because high-end functionalities and features tend to become really personalized and often buyers may not value or appreciate certain things such as built-in dishwashers, or expensive materials used while renovating your house.

Examine If Your Budget Could Sustain Your Repayment Obligation

While assessing the relative burden associated with your home renovation loan, you must necessarily consider all your existing liabilities and think of the ways how taking out this home improvement loan could affect your daily way of life. You need to keep in mind that the renovation loan’s monthly payment obligation could represent 3 to 15 percent on an average household’s budget.

Even though this may not seem to be quite a lot, you must remember that financial commitments could snowball anytime into a large portion of your salary every month. So think twice before taking the final plunge as you would not like to encounter overwhelming debts in future. You may browse through debt settlement reviews online for perfect financial and debt solutions.

Some Financing Options

Some Financing Options

Existing Mortgage

You may look at your existing mortgage. Two things would be happening to a mortgage once the homeowner sells it. Firstly, it could be ported to another new property, that would not be incurring any additional; costs, and secondly, it could be broken that would be incurring penalties. If the homeowner’s mortgage requires being broken, things could get pretty risky but could still be utilized for a renovation job.

The critical consideration here is if the new and original mortgages are actually variable-rate ones. In this context, you must know that variable-rate mortgages would be having an only three-month penalty and if you take into consideration their extremely low-interest cost, this could be outweighing your penalty amount. Supposing the mortgage is actually a fixed mortgage, the boost in mortgage amount would be attracting a huge penalty that is sometimes, not possible for quantifying in advance.


The most amazing aspect of home ownership is building equity over time. You could utilize that equity for getting low-cost funds such as second mortgage or home equity line of credit or HELOC. As the loans seem to be secured against your home’s value, home equity loans would be offering highly competitive interest rates-generally, very close to the first mortgage interest rates. In comparison to the typical unsecured borrowing sources such as credit cards, you would need to pay relatively less in terms of financing fees for actually the same borrowed or loan amount.

Personal Loan

Personal Loan

An alternative to home equity loan is to think about taking out a personal loan. You must understand that unsecured personal loans do not use any assets as collateral. You would be granted a personal loan for home renovation based on your credit score. You must have a really good credit score to get your unsecured personal loan request approved. Moreover, the interests are sure to be higher as compared to home equity loans.


Homeowners could be boosting their home’s overall value by using home renovation loans and stretching their budgets. However, they must be extra cautious about the increasing expenses associated with borrowing and the diminishing returns when the project size becomes larger. Homeowners must consider taking out additional loans for renovating their house only after a careful thought regarding the actual impact of the loan obligation directly on their way of life and monthly budget for enjoying an enhanced living environment and reaping the financial benefits of their refurbishment projects.

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