Commercial Kitchen Updates for 2021

A restaurant’s commercial kitchen is the hub of all of its operations. Like the proverbial grease to an engine, a commercial kitchen needs to be both functional and highly effective to keep the business running the right way. A commercial kitchen needs several considerations to be well planned and meet their business’ needs. Without high-quality appliances and accessories, or an efficient layout, your commercial kitchen could decrease your operations, waste a large amount of money, and reduce performance. If you have noticed that your kitchen is running a little slower and is less productive than it used to be, then it might be time for an upgrade. A good commercial kitchen remodel will solve problems and improve efficiency; ensuring that your commercial operation is as profitable as possible. Let’s look at some potential commercial kitchen updates for 2021.

Space Upgrade

Space Upgrade

Kitchen space can become a commodity if several cooks and chefs start vying for prep areas. A small amount of space in a kitchen might work for residences, but commercial restaurants need spacious kitchens to operate more efficiently. There has to be enough room for cooking equipment, large appliances, and a team of employees. Ample room to prepare food and run meals is needed for the restaurant to thrive. When remodeling a commercial kitchen, consider design options that maximize the flow and space. A good kitchen remodel will enable a business to produce better food and more of it. You will also be able to serve more customers and increase profits overall.

Cooking Appliance Upgrade

Cooking Appliance Upgrade

When looking for upgrades for your commercial kitchen, the obvious place to start is with the appliances. It is estimated that 45% of the energy used in the average restaurant, comes directly from cooking food. Replacing all cooking appliances with high-efficiency energy star ratings can be a huge step towards improving energy consumption and lowering expenses. Upgrading ovens, griddles, broilers, and fryers can save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually per each unit. When upgrading appliances be sure to also consider gas alternatives to save even more on operational costs. Finally, installing timers and establishing a monthly maintenance program for your new appliances will help keep your upgrades running smoothly and efficiently.

Refrigeration Upgrade

Refrigeration Upgrade

Another beneficial upgrade is with your current refrigeration setup. Commercial kitchens can be hampered by old refrigeration units. Like your cooking appliances, if they were purchased a while ago, these units are probably not energy efficient, and are causing your bills to increase. Also, these older units might be too big and bulky and interfere with the optimization of space in the kitchen. The main types of commercial refrigeration include units like coolers, freezers, combo units, prep tables, and walk-in refrigerator units. The commercial refrigeration industry is now producing advanced energy-efficient refrigeration products that could elevate your kitchen to the next level. True Manufacturing company makes various models of true refrigeration equipment that can complement the upgrades and remodel of the kitchen. Proper fridges, freezers, and coolers can improve the efficiency and operation costs of a kitchen and improve it’s functionality.

Environmental Upgrade

Environmental Upgrade

With a push for conducting cleaner, more environmentally friendly business, a big trend in commercial kitchen upgrades for 2021 includes going green. Environmental upgrades are not only good for the planet, but they can also be good for your wallet. Aside from upgrading to energy-efficient appliances to save energy and money, restaurants are looking at cooking oil as a way to go green and save. Modern commercial equipment that is used for deep-frying things like french fries utilizes cooking technology that can cut back to a small amount of oil and sometimes eliminate the need for cooking oil altogether. Gallons of oil like vegetable oil and bacon grease are used and thrown out each year leading to more waste. Newer cooking units, however, are making it easier to recycle used oil, or grease, if your business is wondering how to dispose of used cooking oil. Upgrading your kitchen so that it will allow you to recycle cooking oil will help your kitchen go green, reduce grease, and could save you some money. Other ways for your kitchen to go green could be to cut back on food waste and take steps to start a compost pile from leftover restaurant scraps. Upgrading your commercial kitchen to go green could significantly help the environment and your bottom line.

In the restaurent industry; if the kitchen is operating incorrectly, then the whole place could slow down. Looking at your space, your appliances, and your kitchen’s environmental impact could provide a host of areas to mark for improvement in 2021. By making upgrades to your commercial kitchen you could modernize your business and keep it on track for future success.

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