Why Sustainable Furniture Is A Great Choice

Sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle have been making rounds not only on the internet but also everywhere else on the planet. It seems that consumers are more aware of the environmental issues we face, now more than ever.

In this day and age, doing our part to help sustain the world we live in by choosing sustainable and ethically sourced products is becoming more of a responsibility than a choice.

There are many ways to participate in the movement. One is buying sustainable furniture to decorate your home. Your living room and other areas of your house can now be perked up with chic and long-lasting pieces that don’t harm the environment.

Furniture-makers like our friends at SLH Furniture tell us why you should jump into the bandwagon of designing your home with sustainable furniture.

1. Positive Impact On The Environment

There are four elements that must be considered before a piece of furniture is labeled as sustainable: materials, methods of transportation, construction process and durability  And each of these elements have either direct or indirect positive impact on our environment.

First are the materials that make up these pieces. A sustainable furniture is either made of a reclaimed material, recycled goods, or derived from a low-impact source. For example, boat ruins that drifted on the shore or woods that are initially used for construction can be upcycled to create a piece of furniture.

Sustainable Furniture1

On the other hand, bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing and low-maintenance material so it’s a perfect choice for eco-friendly furniture, too.

Next are the factors that contributed in the production of such furniture. A piece that’s made from ethical sources but burned up excessive amounts of fossil fuels to transport the materials and produce the final product can be questionable.

So when looking for sustainable furniture, make sure the materials used were ethically and locally sourced, and preferably handcrafted.

Lastly the piece must be durable enough to withstand the time and climate. Pieces that are long-lasting help you decrease the amount of waste your household produces, because you don’t have to replace your furniture every now and then.

2. Prevents Deforestation

Manufacturers who are in the industry of sustainable furnitures often work closely with FSC or Forest Stewardship Council to maintain the world’s forest. This means that if a company is FSC certified, they make green furniture from well-managed and sustainable sources.

FSC reviews these manufacturers whether they really use low-impact materials to make durable furniture that can stand the test of time and climate. Like mentioned before, pieces that are ethically sourced and durable are considered more sustainable because they won’t need that much wood from the forest.

3. Giving Another Life To Discarded Materials

This may sound cheesy, but using reclaimed wood from boat wrecks or discarded wood is basically giving a second chance to these materials.

Leftover wood may look like nothing at first, but after curing, sanding and other processes, the original look and shine of these timbers come out. The weathered parts of the wood also give the furniture unique details and interesting story that refined materials can’t naturally provide.

Sustainable Furniture

4. Aesthetics

Admit it or not, eco-friendly furniture looks chic and stylish. It won’t be a trend in our era if not for its aesthetically pleasing quality. These green pieces are actually approved by some big names in the fashion or entertainment industry, that’s why sustainable pieces are in the trend right now.

If you have the knack for interior design and know how to navigate your space, you can easily have a posh and elegant-looking home with an eco-friendly furniture!

5. It’s Usually More Affordable

Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly furniture is cheaper that the regular ones. Since they are made from upcycled materials like discarded woods, the production expense is usually lesser than normal.

Moreover, since you are getting durability even though they’re made from reclaimed woods, you don’t have to buy new furniture over and over again, just to replace broken pieces. This is more cost-effective than buying cheap processed ones if we’re talking about durability and lifespan.

Home decors and furniture are one of the great contributors in the destruction of our environment. And going green with these home pieces is our best effort to change the narrative. Sustainable furniture is basically our future.

If everyone is sold to this idea and committed to making a positive effect on our nature, then reducing our impact to the environment is easy.

Support local manufacturers that understand your drive to make change. Like our friends at SLH Furniture. They handcraft sustainable furniture that are made from reclaimed high-quality materials. Beyond the sustainability of their products, they also make sure that each piece is of bespoke quality and style.

So if you’re looking for new furniture, go green and sustainable this time!

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