Clear Glass Fencing: A Trend That May Last a Lifetime

You may have noticed a trend in new home and apartment construction projects, and if you haven’t you’re forgiven… this is a trend that’s not designed to stand out. More builders are adopting clear glass railings and pool fencing in construction and renovation work. The benefits of glass fences go beyond just the surface, making them a preferred material to standard metal, wood and stucco railings and fences. Here are just a few of the many benefits that are making this trend the new norm in home construction.

Maximize Small Spaces

Maximize Small Spaces

As new apartments and homes become smaller due to the high costs of land and construction, it pays to have a home with an intelligent use of space. Glass fences on balconies and across yards provide expansive views while making a home feel larger and more inviting. Yards feel open and reveal attractive scenery, and balcony glass railings make the most of any surrounding views. And the new styles of frameless glass railings make glass railings seem to disappear altogether.

Sophisticated Aesthetic

The majority of balcony and pool glass designs leave a lot to be desired. They are unattractive, block views of your pool and yard, and make the areas they surround uninviting. Glass pool fences allow for the same safety features as other fences but with less visual weight, creating an expansive yard feel while supplying attractive views of the pool, gardens and scenery beyond. And the designs are beautiful. Clear glass panels are attractive on their own, and combined with their minimal hardware and refined metal treatments, these fences provide an appealing design that blends beautifully with any home – modern or traditional. Instead of pulling away from the beauty of the surrounding home and garden, these glass fences display the surroundings in all their glory for an ultra-sophisticated look.

Configured to Fit Any Custom Layout

Configured to Fit Any Custom Layout
These fences contain a minimal amount of parts, allowing for a large amount of customization. Glass, as a material, is highly customizable. Using it as fencing allows for exacting heights and configurations that wrap around any pool or yard shape. You can choose from a range of connecting parts to create just the right look and feel to match your home and personal preference.

Industry Discounts Available:

A significant benefit of glass fencing is that the quality, look, and overall appeal makes for better resale value for a home. Buyers appreciate the expansive views and less cluttered feel these fences provide. In addition, the ease of customization and high production runs means builders can benefit from industry discounts for volume. No matter what size project, glass fences can be produced to maximize the discount for a lower overall price. And since these companies excel at high-volume orders, they are willing to discount for ongoing work with contractors, architects and designers.

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