What are Some Plastering Problems and Ways to Identify Them?

Like many other components in your home, plaster ceilings and walls can develop issues with ageing. This can be due to simple neglect, unforeseen damages, or seepages and it is important that you have at least some general knowledge of these problems and comprehend how they can impact our ceilings or walls and generally your home itself. One of the easiest ways to acquire this knowledge is finding quality time to browse through the internet and make short notes of what you learn so that it comes in handy when you need. But, to make it simple for you, professionals have collated these problems and the relative solutions. Your task is now reduced to simply storing this blog post in a manner that you can access it when needed.

Problem 1 Cracked Plaster

Problem 1 Cracked Plaster

The most common problem that you may face is cracked plaster with regard to ceilings and walls. These cracks when left unnoticed can develop into a bigger problem later. In other instances, you may be lucky and the cracks could merely signs of ageing similar to the wrinkles on our face. Your ability to distinguish the nature of crack will determine whether you need professional help or can be mended through a DIY effort. Let us turn to how you can handle this problem.

Generally the hairline cracks are small and you may have difficulty fitting your fingernail in the crack, and considered benign. But, if the cracks start growing, you can’t stand its looks, usually, it is a job for the professionals, and you are better off not messing with it.

But, the bigger cracks, also known as delaminating cracks presents a warning that the plaster is moving away from its lath and show up prominently on the walls. This is a dangerous situation when they start showing up on the ceilings or walls. When the plaster is pulling away from the wall behind chances are that it will fall away completely or could even crash down on top of people in the household or expensive stuff beneath when the crack is on the ceiling.

Yet another potential problem that you may face is settlement cracks which usually result from a part of the home itself beginning to sag. This is more serious and such cracks should be filled and patched up without loss of time. Simultaneously, you will also need services of experts in civil engineering to resolve the problems with the foundation of your home since the damage can accentuate with time and weather conditions. If your home is located in areas susceptible to floods or hurricanes you should be exceedingly cautious while addressing the settlement cracks and its root cause.

Discoloured Plaster

Discoloured Plaster

Discoloured plaster is a sure shot sign of water damage that your home is suffering from. When you notice brown stains caused by water, a leak is bound to begin soon. Therefore, the brown stain is an early warning system of what is in store. It could be possible to block away the stain by applying a stain blocking paint primer. But, the sooner you get a professional to take stock, the better it would be for your family members since they won’t be caught unawares over a weekend or in the middle of the night.

Bubbling Plaster

When leaks affect your plaster, you can find stains around the spot and as the problem aggravates, you will experience bubbling of the plaster and in a few days it starts bulging out. However, this type of problem can also surface with no warnings at all though it becomes critical find an immediate solution irrespective of whether you had a warning or not. The moisture causing the problem will need to be dried out or if the problem is bigger, you may need to get experts to inspect not just the ceiling, but also the roof itself to rule out any structural deficiencies.

That also brings into context the importance of finding the right professionals to take care of plaster woes in your home or office, if and when they occur.

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Major factors that will influence your choice of a professional plasterer include:-
Experience: Like with any other job, experience is critical for plastering jobs too. The digital world offers significant help in establishing the experience and expertise of service providers. By checking out the website of the service provider, you can examine reviews provided by past customers and get a balanced view of their services. You can even run a simple Google search with “xxxx reviews” (with xxxx representing the name of the business).
Bubbling Plaster

Skill sets

This is another important factor and can vary from one individual to the other. Experience and skill though interlinked are not the same. Some individuals may have a higher level of skill even with lower experience and the reverse can be true of people with higher experience. The best way to ensure that your job is handled by someone with the right skill sets is to ask for a free demo of what the service provider is about to embark upon.


Once we have outsourced a job to a service provider, we expect the service to be punctual and complete the job within the committed time frame, save for eventualities. It is a good idea to tie the remuneration to timely delivery with a carrot and stick approach. Put a bonus of say about 2% for completion ahead of schedule and a penalty of 5% if the job goes beyond the stipulated date. Always have saving clauses in the contract to keep both sides protected from exigencies.


This is undoubtedly the crux of outsourcing. Service providers generally look for add on jobs or embellishments so that the price can be bloated to an extent. For instance, if painting after the repairs are executed is something you can handle, insist on removing that item from the contract. Focus on components of work where professional expertise is indispensable and negotiate the best price.

Compare the prices with other service providers making sure that the comparison is equal and has the same components.

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