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Clean And Maintain Your Car Floor – Hacks to Use

Deep cleaning your car can feel like a chore. Most car owners overlook cleaning their car floor and carpet for too long. Unfortunately, this leaves a dirty car floor with random stains, mud, dirt, and other things. If you are interested in maintaining your car well, Suma Performance offers a huge selection of quality car parts and accessories for maximum performance. A spray ceramic coating will also benefit your car as this can protect it from scratches, dust, pollution, and the harsh impact of ultraviolet rays when under the sun. 

Leaving a dirty car for months will do you no good. The carpet will begin to smell especially as the weather becomes warmer. But cleaning your car floor is not as difficult or tedious as you might expect. 

Below are some hacks that you will find useful when cleaning your car floor from various stains.

How to Remove Mud and Dirt

This is very easy and you won’t need to buy new products. To remove set dirt and murt, fill a bucket with hot water (about a gallon) with one cup of white vinegar and a few drops of dish soap. Vinegar is a top cleaning hack around the house and it also applies to your car! Mix everything until well-combined then dip a cloth or sponge to absorb the mixture. Then soak the stain and use a stiff brush if you need to scrub the carpet. Once the stain has been removed, let the carpet dry by using a clean cloth or paper towels. 

How to Remove Drink Spills

No one is exempt from a few coffee spills here and there. But don’t worry – these are easily removed! You will want to saturate the beverage stain with cold water and blot it dry using clean cloth or paper towels. Leave it to air dry. Using cold water is key because hot water will set the stain even more. 

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How to Remove Grease Stains

Grease stains easily come off with paint thinner, so apply a small amount of paint thinner to a clean cloth and scrub at the stain carefully. Use a paper towel to blot out the excess paint thinner then let it dry. But be careful! Paint thinner could discolor your carpet. We suggest trying it out in a small spot before applying a lot on the stain. 

How to Remove Vomit

Unfortunately, some people end up vomiting in cars due to car sickness or intoxication. Either way, you should clean this as soon as possible because it can damage your carpet and cause the car to stink. You will want to use a bottle of soda and pour it onto the stained area. Scrub the stain away using a damp cloth. The soda should help lift the stain easily! Then dry the area with a clean cloth or paper towel afterwards. If there is a persistent smell, we recommend making a solution with a ratio of 1:1 water and baking soda. Leave it on the area for ten minutes, scrubbing lightly with a brush. Then remove it with a damp towel. The smell and stain should come off by now.

Cleaning your car floor may take up some time from your weekend, but it’s surely worth it. Having a clean vehicle means you don’t have to worry about weird smells, stains, or being embarrassed to have guests!

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