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Health Effects Of Noise In The Workplace And How You Can Reduce It

Sometimes, it might be at that very hour where you need to call in all your mind together and concentrate in order to perform a certain task. Unfortunately, it may become hard to concentrate due to noises that may be coming from your workmates or even from the workplace surrounding. Of course, you will need a very quiet workplace not only for productivity but also for your health and well-being.

This mostly occurs when the workplace office is an open one. In that case, it may be hard for you to concentrate and the noise may bring health dangers as well. In this article we are going to look at the health effects that these noises can bring to you if you don’t work on reducing them


It is very clear that working in an environment that is super quiet increases your productivity. At least, you are able to perform tasks quickly without trying to rethink where you left from after having been interrupted by noises. One may spend a lot of time and cost trying to redo a work that was not performed well due to noise interruptions in the workplace.


As we all know, stress is a very serious mental issue that can bring a lot of health issues if not looked at. Having lots of tasks to perform and you are not concentrating on the job can blow your mind. Maybe, your boss will give you pressure to work on a certain project but you are not able to meet deadlines and give quality work because of these noises. This will automatically stress you. You need to get out of such situations by reducing these noises.

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Damage to hearing

It’s with no doubt that noises can bring hearing issues to you. Especially if these noises are intense, suffering from hearing complications may be a health hazard to you. Also, if you spend most of the time in a noisy area, your ear cells and membranes in the cochlea may be damaged. These cells die slowly as long as you continue getting exposed to this kind of noise.

Cost to business

Of course if there is reduced productivity to business, presence of stress, and health issues, the company or business you are working for may be incurring more expenses while you are out seeking medical treatments and help. If this noise becomes too much, it will bring health effects that may lead to sick leaves which may be costly to your employer or business too.

Tips for reducing noise in workplace

Now, you need to know how you can avoid Health Effects Of Noise. Let’s have a look at some tips on how to reduce noise in the workplace.

1. Noise Friendly Flooring

If you are using a hard floor like using natural woods, porcelain, and camaric, you must admit that noise is always there with you. You need to use very cool flooring that can absorb even footstep noises. You can opt to use vinyl flooring with a rubber underlayment so that noise can be absorbed.

2. Noise Cancellation Headphones

To avoid being destructed by noise around you, getting yourself a good quality headphone might be a choice too. Clear sounds and good quality of a sound you are listening to will make you concentrate too much without being interrupted or your mind being carried away by other things.

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3. Dedicated Quiet space

If the noise in your office is getting too much to bear with, consider looking for a quiet place where you can conduct your work without any disturbance. Within your office, you can have a quiet place like a sound-proofed office cube where one can do their work when there is a lot of noises in the main offices

4. Having plants around you

Working in an environment where trees are everywhere seems comfortable since there is a cool and quiet environment created by the trees. Fresh air will be present in your office too.

5. Switch up your office layout

Especially if you are in an open office layout, you can consider moving to a closed office layout to minimize noise. If you get an office of your own where there will be no noise from other employees. That would be best to avoid all these health issues which come as a result of noises in your offices.


Noise cancellation is very important to us since we can use it to avoid all the health issues that may be caused by noise pollution in the office. All the above discussed ways will help you get the best information on how you need to cancel the noise.

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