The Cable Car of Jardin Exotique: A Connected Monaco


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The Monaco cable car project will change the face of the principality and the way people live in it. Connecting opposite neighbourhoods together and providing new exciting economic opportunities, the cable car of Jardin Exotique, its starting point, is a fascinating new development project. The Monaco cable car project is still at the stage of discussion amongst municipality officials. Continue reading to learn more about the Monaco cable car and the Jardin Exotique neighbourhood. 

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Everything to Know About the Monaco Cable Car

The Monaco cityscape may look different in a few years. The government has announced its plans for a Monaco cable car, an innovation that has stirred both controversy and delight amongst residents and tourists. Some may worry that the cable car of Jardin Exotique will ruin the historic landscape, but the Monaco cable car promises a more mobile future for the Rocher’s residents. Created to alleviate rampant traffic congestion, this hyper fast network should connect the Jardin Exotique, at the western point of Monaco, to Fontvieille, a central waterside district, in less than three minutes. The route is still under discussion, but it is almost a certainty that the cable car of Jardin Exotique will be created. Guaranteed to take shape in the form of an aerial tramway, the perfect vessel from which to take in the stunning sights of the Mediterranean, the rows of superyachts bordering Fontvieille and the bumbling streets of Monaco. A Monaco cable car is sure to attract more revenue and spread out tourist spending across the principality, especially surrounding the Jardin Exotique. 

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The Jardin Exotique

The cable car of Jardin Exotique has the potential to revitalise this wonderful residential neighbourhood. Perched above Monaco’s city centre, the Jardin Exotique boasts breath-taking views of the city and the sea, as well as a peaceful century-old botanical garden that inspired the neighbourhood’s name. Influenced by the exotic flora of South and Central America with its tall cacti and succulents, the garden is a true testament to Monaco’s ecological mission. The cable car of Jardin Exotique is a way to safeguard the neighbourhood from pollution, as well as provide more mobility amongst Monegasque residents. Additionally, the cable car of Jardin Exotique is also bound to provide better access to the cultural institutions housed near the gardens, such as the Modern Art Museum and the renovated Villa Paloma. 

The Jardin Exotique neighbourhood is a haven of quiet. Surrounded by amazing schools, excellent healthcare facilities and only a stone’s throw from some of the best restaurants in the world, the Jardin Exotique is perfect for those who want zen strolls with the Mediterranean as a backdrop. Property for sale in Jardin Exotique is highly valuable and glamorous. The district benefits from tall luxury condominiums with penthouses and apartments facing the gorgeous vista. For those who would rather delve into the buzzing city centre, the Jardin Exotique cable car will now make it possible in a few short minutes.

What do you think of the plans for a Monaco cable car? 

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