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Choosing The Right Heating System For Your Tiny House

Choosing The Right Heating System For Your Tiny House

The tiny house movement seems to be taking over the world. People who are tired of being mortgage poor are looking for a more simplistic and sustainable lifestyle. Those that just want to be able to take their house with them wherever they travel are blazing a new trail when it comes to choosing the perfect place to call home.

Living in tight quarters isn’t for everyone, but those who have made the switch say that they wish they had done it sooner. Many small house dwellers are initially stunned by how little space and material possessions they need to really be happy. Reconnecting with nature around them, reducing your cost of living and focusing on the more important things in life have made the lack of square footage tolerable.

If you are considering adopting the tiny house lifestyle you will have lots to consider when it comes to your amenities. You may not have a huge space to work with but you will still need to have all the same features as any other house, including a heat source. Boiler replacement and furnace maintenance are concerns for every homeowner, regardless of the size of their house.

With a tiny home, you have several options for how you would like to heat your space. The one you choose will be largely determined by where you decide to set up your home. The climate conditions will dictate how much heating or cooling you will need to stay comfortable year-round. Let’s take a look at a few of the heating options that are available and safe for tiny homeowners.



Many tiny homes already have a propane system installed to use for their cooking. An exterior propane tank can be installed in the same fashion as with a travel trailer. Propane-powered stoves or fireplaces can add plenty of heat and cozy style to your tiny home in nearly any season. When using propane in your home, regardless of size, you need to have proper venting and circulation.


The most common method of keeping a tiny home warm is by using electric heaters. Whether you are plugged into the grid or using solar power, you can easily plug in a small ceramic heater to keep your home warm.

Space heaters are small enough to still give a powerful kick of heat without taking up much space in your tiny home. They also come with built-in safety features like automatic shut-offs if they end up being knocked over.


For tiny homes that are located completely off the grid, a wood stove might make sense. You can find fuel almost anywhere and also use your micro wood stove as a cooking element. The challenge is to find a wood stove that is small enough for your home.

The downside is that wood heat can be overwhelming and might actually be too much for your small space. Your tiny home will have to be modified with a ceramic stove backing and chimney if you want to add a wood or wood pellet stove for heating.


If you are looking to get on board with the tiny house movement, you are definitely in for an adventure. The lifestyle may be simpler, but the setup and construction of your home still needs to follow all the traditional rules, just on a smaller scale. Choose the heating method that is right for you and will keep you warm and comfortable for the climate in which you settle.

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