Jui Residences Launched in Singapore, Condo Details Revealed End 2019

Jui Residences is a residential development that forms part of a few major developments that are currently being built in the surrounding area.

Jui Residences and Kallang Park Connector Network are integrated and are just 9 kilometers from Singapore Park, which is constantly evolving. The Kallang PCN in the area links Jui Residences to many different places, including the Singapore Sports Hub.

Residents can engage in different types of activities, like jogging, cycling or even a relaxed stroll. It is also located in a waterfront residential development setting and has been developed with the URA. It is in line with Kallang Basin redevelopment, and the conservation of the National Aerated Water Company.

Located at level 5’s Sky Terrace, there is a wonderful infinity lap pool that provides mesmerizing views, all of which extend into Kallang River, which provides residents with a stellar liberating space to live in. More amenities include the Aquafitness center, the wading pool, as well as a pool deck.

Design elements like the cement which were rendered to look for a floor coating that reinterprets the 1950s era allows for industrial space with a contemporary flair. Additionally, there is an activity area, complete with a viewing deck that has stepped casual seating, which allows residents to relax. It is set inside a lush green oasis and provides a tropical atmosphere.

The Floorplan Layout and Project Plans

The floorplan is perfectly designed with an art deco appeal, which expands into bedrooms. It has a herringbone type of timber flooring, that presents a warm yet restful feel. The internal layout is designed with no hindered spaces in sight, natural lighting, as well as complete ventilation. To comprehend the sizes and layout of the apartments better, you visit Jui Residences’ website to find out more.
The Floorplan Layout and Project Plans

Shopping centers include the Poiz center, which forms a massive part of mixed-use developments, all of which are connected and situated adjacent to the Potong Pasir MRT station. It spans over a floor area of 50,000 SFM. It also has 84 shop outlets, with 10% thereof is allocated to restaurant outlets.

The Venue Shoppes, also a popular shopping center that is located close to Jui Residences, is open for business and includes beer markets and the ever so popular concept café.

Transportation includes the Potong Pasir MRT Station, which is an underground MRT station located on the North-East Line in Toa Payoh. Boon Keng MRT Station is another underground MRT station, which is located on the North-East Line.

The Central Expressway, the highway, connects to Singapore’s city center, meeting the northern residences on the island, which includes Bishan, Toa Payoh, and Ang Mo Kio, onwards to Seletar Expressway, as well as Tampines Expressway.

Pan Island Expressway is the longest-running expressway in Singapore. It connects to Tuas in the west and the airport, Singapore Changi Airport.

Jui Residences Range of Amenities

The Boon Keng Market is one of Singapore’s most popular markets. It is situated only 10-15 minutes from Jui Residences, where you can find the very best restaurants, like Four Square, Hungry Go Where, and Burpple.

Famous Singapore delicacies are all available at this market, complete with a highly developed, urban landscape. At Jui Residences, you can also find amenities like the quaint hardware store, clothing retail stores, fruit sellers and more.

The Kallang community club is also recognized as the Kallang CC and has a private childcare center. It is adored by residents that want to socialize. The facilities are taken care of, as it is maintained by the People’s Association.

Bendemeer primary and secondary school are two of the best schools in the area, along with the St Andrews primary and secondary school.

Jui Residences Site History

The National Aerated Water Company is a very well-known heritage site, which serves as a landmark that has an incredibly rich history. It forms a big part of what makes the district so unique. Kallang, which was industrial before, is now famous as the St James Power Station, which is also located in the national monument industrial heritage, Fort Factory, and the Kallang Airport.
Jui Residences Site History
URA offers a practical take on the conservation, as not many buildings qualify for its conservation efforts. It must pass a list of strict criteria, yet to be met by the building’s architecture, social influence, history, rarity, environmental and social factors.

Price Bidding on Jui Residences

Plenty of bids have been received for the unique freehold development. So far, Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) has also managed to secure the land’s sales price, which is S$47 million. Apart from that, $22.6 million in addition to land bidding prices, can be paid to the government to make changes to the zoning of Jui Residences’ land from its previous industrial status.

Based solely on estimated figures, the land that has already been bid on could yield about 117 freehold units.

The Conservation of the Site

The building is set to be managed by Selangor Dredging Berhad and will be transformed into a special commercial space, according to SDB’s managing director. There won’t be any fences along the property’s main road, nor its river, which means that it is open for the public as it is regarded as a heritage gem.

URA’s CEO has said that the building isn’t only historically significant, but it also serves as a familiar landmark along the country’s Kallang River, which holds memories for all Singaporeans that reigned between the 1950s to 1990s.
The Conservation of the Site
Now, there is also a 2-story main building, which faces the popular Serangoon road, which will be conserved. The signage tower is also set to be conserved by the URA. The building balcony of the factory is specifically constructed by brick parapets, which are art-deco timber panels with a shading ledge that is made of concrete.

All necessary information about the Jui Residences residential development can exclusively be found online, on the property’s website, where you can discover the home of your dreams, among many exciting amenities.

Condo Name: Jui Residences
Address: 1177 Serangoon Road
Telephone: +6563879196
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm

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