Choosing the Best Transfer Trailer to Meet Your Needs

If you want to invest in a transfer trailer that will give your business many years of good performance, it is important that you buy the best type for your operations. Though each transfer trailer is designed to make waste management systems much easier to perform, selecting the right fit for each job can make a huge difference in being efficient. With this in mind, here are XX things to look for when choosing the best transfer trailer to meet your needs.

1. You need to Determine What types of Load You Will Be Transporting

Before you make your decision, you need to determine what type of load that you and your employees will be transporting from one destination to another. For instance, you waste management company may be transporting long haul shipments to another location. If so, you may need to buy a high volume capacity transfer trailer to transport these types of shipments. Or, your crew may be required to take their waste loads to their final disposal site after picking up their loads from a waste transfer station. In either case, you need to invest in a transfer trailer that is designed to take on these jobs and more, including those that require waste to be taken to a metal reprocessing site or a recycle center.
You need to Determine What types of Load You Will Be Transporting

2. What Types of Trailer Needed for the Final Disposal Sites

Whenever you are required to select a transfer trailer for the jobs that you do, you need to make sure that you are considering where the haul is going to be unloaded or disposed of. Since your crew may be unloading the waste that they are transporting in one of the following places, you need the type of transfer trailer that is built for each of the situations.

  • Final disposal
  • Landfill

If the haul will be unloaded in a landfill, you may be required to have a tipping platform or a walking floor to dump the waste. For instance, if you or your crew is disposing of a load at a landfill that requires a tipping platform, you need to invest in a trailer that is already equipped with a tipper trailer. Tipper trailer platforms are often used for jobs that consist of lots of frequent movements and high volume load activities.

3. Choose the Most Affordable Transfer Trailers to Save Money

If you are looking to save money on buying a transfer trailer, you need to also consider the amount of money that you are able to pay. Because some of these trailers are typically more costly than others, you may want to invest in the most affordable option between each type that is actually available to you. For instance, if you have to make a choice between the tipper trailer and the walking floor trailer, you may want to choose the tipper trailer since it is considered to be the least expensive.

4. Ease in Operation

You should also know that the tipper trailer is the most lightweight and it is easier to handle as well. Unlike the walking floor design, your crew can also maintain this transfer trailer a lot better, especially since it can handle more payloads for each trip that your crew is responsible for.
Ease in Operation

5. Invest in Transfer Trailer that’s Made for remote Locations

When you are making your selection, you should also think about transfer trailers that function their best in remote locations. Therefore, when you do your research, you will most likely discover that the walking floor trailer is the best option in these situations. For instance, the walking floor trailer designed to be self-unloading. Therefore, it is not dependent upon other equipment to perform its unloading functions. For instance, when a driver is operating this type of transfer trailer, it is a lot more versatile and can discharge the load without the trailer being in a raised position.

Choosing the best transfer trailer to meet your needs is not always a simple decision to make. However, if you know exactly what you and your company should be looking for today, you can select the best option for your needs.

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