5 Best Ideas for Remodeling Your Bathroom to Look Trendy

Have you not been liking your mornings by going to the same old bathroom with little to no elements of style? Bathrooms can be congested places that want you to leave as soon as you arrive. However, they can be upgraded just like the other rooms of your house to look like over-the-top ones like in palaces. Below are some ideas on transforming a restroom to make it look tidier, brighter and more voluminous.

Paint it Sleek

Changing the colors of a place can elevate it to a higher level. You can choose from a whole range of color schemes to go with your bathroom walls. Incorporating bright colors like yellow, pink or blue or a mixture of them can make your bathroom truly stand out. These days the trend is to paint bathrooms in a glossy white and black to give them a modern feel. For a more up-to-date look, you can paint the walls and the sinks in grey. A nicely patterned wallpaper on one or two walls can be a great way to spice up your lavatory.
Paint it Sleek

Change Fixtures

Often taps in modern homes and outside gatherings are made of mesmerizing shapes and structures that awe our eyes. These can be in your house too, by replacing them or having them paint. To a simple lavatory, you can add fixtures of modern shapes. If you can’t spend money on changing the faucets of your restrooms, you can simply paint them a vibrate color like gold or bronze as most modern homes have them these days.

Install Windows

Bathrooms are places that are often tiny and suffocated. Most of them have a small ventilation window for getting the air in and out. Installing gigantic windows can be used to shed adjacent light and make a small space look spacious. You can have custom windows made for styling up your bathroom from a well-known place in Toronto such as Replacement Windows & Doors, Toronto | Clera Windows & Doors to establish a statement lavatory.

Place Mirrors

Aside from the primary mirror on top of the washbasin, a few more can be installed in a restroom to make it look pleasant and roomy. They can make the room look brighter and provide extra eyes not to miss anything when getting ready. Mirrors are also a great way to save money from fixing a damaged wall by hiding it well. You can further decorate your existing and newly placed mirrors by adding wooden frames or by placing light bulbs on one for increased illumination.

Modernize the Vanity

Modernize the Vanity
A vanity of your bathroom may be a nice space to have the bathroom supplies placed and hide away unattractive plumbing. However, vanities can often look boring in average homes. A cheap upgrade is to have it replaced with a vintage-looking chest. Doing this can have your restroom provide a class for itself. You can look for a drawer that has sufficient storage space or has transparent storage to make your lavatory look stylish.

This space can be made to look more elegant by adding in two flowerpots, one on each side, and changing up the basin and fixtures to modern ones.

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