Cannabis Compliance: Demand & Penalties to Consider

Cannabis compliance is by far the most crucial consideration to guide success in the CBD industry. Regardless of whether you operate a marijuana dispensary, cannabis nursery, grow operation, extraction center, manufacturing facility, or something else, your compliance isn’t requested. It’s demanded.

Depending on where your business is, you’ll likely have regulatory agencies in charge of your compliance. 

Is it worth it to violate regulations to lessen the upfront costs of cannabis compliance?

In this article, we’re talking about cannabis business regulations, non-compliance consequences, and how to remain compliant in this budding space.

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Cannabis Regulations – Are They Important?

While cannabis compliance seems like an unnecessary hassle for most, for consumers, and overseers in the industry. It is a must.

Cannabis compliance ensures safe cannabis.

Just because a company has a license does not mean that it’s upholding cannabis safety standards.

The laws are in place to ensure everyone with a dispensary license or cannabis facility license has the documentation showing all aspects of their operations. 

Compliance issue can result in the forfeiture of license.

But enforcement ensures cultivation, distribution, and other aspects of the cannabis sector support public health initiatives. 

The challenges of operating legally include cannabis license and their businesses investing time in cannabis compliance.

This means following local ordinances and respecting licensing regulations.

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Cannabis Compliance & Non-Compliance Consequences

Non-compliance consequences can be costly for cannabusinesses.

Some companies are willing to take that risk in order to lessen the upfront costs associated with cannabis compliance. 

But they should be beware that the enforcement for cannabis-related offences has shut some businesses down, leaving employees to pick up their pieces after.

Repurcussions for Non-Compliant Cannabis Businesses

Once cannabis operations get their licenses in order, maintaining compliance is essential. 

Minor compliance infractions are common in the cannabis sector. Sometimes the notice to comply suggests how to fix the compliance-related problems, as well.

Next, you’ll face and actual citation for the compliance violation. This is only enforced if the business had willful intent to perform business outside of compliance regulations.

Check with your local professional cannabis tax authority or accountant to learn how to ensure you follow all regulations in place while scaling your business with excellent financial management.

Cannabis Control Commission Insight

The Cannabis Control Commission of Massachusetts is the state’s regulatory authority. Its mission revolves around ensuring safe, equitable, and effective cannabis. But how is this agency equitable and effectively implementing regulations for marijuana establishments?

California Department of Cannabis Control Insight

California has been known for its complexities for those operating in the cannabis space. However, with the state’s creation of the Department of Cannabis Control, this is expected to change. For more up-to-date information on Cannabis and CBD check out

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