Can You Hire Movers to Move One Item?

Today there are many companies on the market that provide moving services. Many local websites offer you a full-service moving. They will provide you with packaging, loading, transportation, and movers. But they are not at all so happy about your request to move one item. But this does not mean at all that you will not be able to find the service you need. Here is how to find the most professional one-item movers near you.

There are many items that you might have to move around: 

  • If you have a lot of books, then you will most likely want to consider hiring one of these moving helpers to move a box with books. 
  • Some people even choose to hire movers for one large item to save money for delivery. For example, to transport a piece of furniture from a store or shop. 
  • You can also choose single item movers to move household appliances or large musical equipment such as a piano.

As mentioned above, there are professional movers that are available to help with the moving process whether you need just one item moved or several items moved at the same time. There are many of these single-item movers near you. 

The good thing about hire movers to move one item is to use private contractors. Such performers you can easily find at hiring platforms for odd jobs like Fee4Bee. You can trust them to safely move your belongings from one location to another. 

If you select a contractor with good reviews, there is very little risk of negative experience. At the same time, private movers can be more flexible to your needs than large companies. For instance, you might need help loading boxes out of your house which may take a little longer than you thought. In addition, they can adjust to your schedule regardless of their working hours. The only thing that you need to do is plan your move accordingly so that you can ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

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How much does it cost to move one item?

To hire movers to move one item near you can make moving day go by without any issues. But, what if you do not know the one item moving prices? This is when moving contractors come into the picture and provide single item moving services for people who need them. 

You can simply have your heavy, bulky, sensitive, or even valuable item moved by trained professionals that have the required physical shape, skills, and proper equipment for the task so you will not have to worry about anything. 

There are a lot of different moving services that can be hired to help with your entire move. On the Fee4Bee you can contact a number of different movers for one item and get theirs moving quotes. You can also learn some factors so that you can get a better idea of how much will it cost to have certain items moved:

  1. Mainly the weight and dimensions of the item will affect the price of moving. The cost can be high for a larger item or it can be low for something as simple as a box with clothes.
  2. Transportation distance. The cost varies depending on the distance that the movers have to cover.
  3. The type of items being moved. Special transportation requirements are relevant for fragile and valuable items.

The average cost of moving services in Canada ranges from CAD 35 to 60 per hour. These costs include the price that the movers charge per item for transport and the cost to have them delivered to your new home. 

As you can see, hiring movers to move one item is no longer a problem if you know where to find reliable movers. Pay attention to reviews of different taskers, ask them questions about guarantees and you will get the best experience on moving at an affordable price.

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