45 Common Adjectives That Start with J for English Learners

Be jubilant and joyous, not judgmental, because you have found the best list of adjectives that start with J! Ok, that might have been a bit over-the-top, yet we simply wanted to emphasize some of the descriptive powers of the letter J and also J adjectives. While there aren’t as lots of adjectives starting with J compared to other letters, there absolutely are some juicy ones.

The letter J can add all sort of fun adjectives to a sentence. Your sentence could be jaunty or jeering. It could even be jimp. Explore a jolly list of adjectives that start with J.

  1. Jaded – dulled by overindulgence, satiated; exhausted or weary
  2. Jobless – unemployed or out of work
  3. Jaculable – fit or capable to be throw
  4. Jumpy – anxious or nervous; bumpy or jolting
  5. Jesuitical – characteristic of or concerning the Jesuits
  6. Jailed – being in captivity, imprisoned
  7. Jaunty – stylish; dapper; brisk; natty; having a lively, cheerful, buoyant or self-confident air
  8. Jaunty – having a cheerful, lively, or confident quality; dapper
  9. Jiggered – damaged or very exhausted
  10. Jazzy – active; lively; flashy; fancy; showy
  11. Joyless – melancholy or glum, not providing or experiencing joy or happiness
  12. Jocular – characterized by jesting or fond of joking
  13. Jealous – Feeling envious of another’s achievements, advantages, or possessions; suspicious; protective of one’s rights
  14. Jestful – full of jokes; given to jesting
  15. Jingling – make or cause a light ringing sound as if metallic pieces striking together
  16. Joint – involving, shared by or belonging to two or more entities; sharing in a position or achievement
  17. Jazzed – excited; delighted
  18. Joyous – characterized by or full of happiness
  19. Jewelled – covered with jewels or beads
  20. Jeering – to deride or make abusive or mocking remarks
  21. Jingoistic – radical patriotism that manifests in the form of aggressive foreign policies
  22. Jiggish – frisky; playful
  23. Joking – humorous or frivolous, characterized by jokes
  24. Jellied – congealed into or set like a jelly
  25. Jimp – elegant; handsome; delicate; trim; neat
  26. Jerking – lacking a steady rhythm, not regular
  27. Judgmental – of or relating to or concerning the use of judgment; being overly critical
  28. Jinxed – bringing misfortune to or casting an evil spell on, hexed
  29. Jerkwater – small, remote, and unimportant rural settlements
  30. Jesting – joking, characterized by jokes and humour
  31. Jovial – friendly, full of mirth or cheerful
  32. Joyful – feeling or causing delight; very glad; full of joy and happiness
  33. Joysome – inspiring or causing gladness or joy
  34. Jocose – cheerful or humorous
  35. Jammy – having good luck or fortune
  36. Jowly – someone having double chin around their neck or jaw
  37. Judicious – showing good judgement; thoughtful
  38. Judgemental – approximate or arbitrary
  39. Juicy – something moist or liquid
  40. Jural – related to law, rights and obligations
  41. Jackbooted – wearing or having long leather boots; jackboots
  42. Jubilant – peace of mind; happy
  43. Justified – acceptable or well defined
  44. Janitorial – related to work done by janitor; including repairing and maintenance work
  45. Jake – having satisfactory; all right


The letter J has an interesting background. It is really a rather brand-new addition to the English alphabet. Before medieval times, if the letter I was adhered to by an additional vowel, it and was pronounced as Y. In the Middle Ages, the letter J was appointed to this sound, so a word like “iest” transformed right into “jest”. It’s such an usual letter, to our understanding. However, sure enough, it didn’t go into the English language up until later in history.

There are not many adjectives that begin with J. That’s due to the fact that this letter really did not get in the English language till later on in background. Yet, these adjectives, like all others, add colors as well as emotions to description.

As you can see, a lot of J adjectives are really positive, connecting to humor, playfulness and also joking, and they will actually spice up your writing. Can you consider anymore jubilant J adjectives to contribute to the list?

We hope you’ll find it reasonable when we state this is the best collection of adjectives that begin with J on the globe. Considering the fairly small number of ones that have the letter J, there are some really descriptive words that start with J and we gathered here every one of those plus any other ones that are commonly used in speaking as well as composing. We actively prevented unknown and rarely utilized adjectives, so that you wouldn’t have to learn a bunch of useless and also complicated words. We wish you discovered the excellent means to define what you needed with a few of these J adjectives to explain an individual, place or thing.

Increasing your vocabulary can include brand-new life to your writing. It can likewise be fun. Attempt adding jazzy or jumbo to your writing and see what takes place. It will certainly provide it extra life and flavor.

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