Building Inspections in Australia

Getting a building inspection in Australia is one of the safest moves you can make before purchasing a property. Sometimes known additionally as a pre-purchase property inspection report, or a standard property report, it is a written appraisal of several aspects of any given property. A building and pest inspection in the Sunshine Coast can be done before you buy or commit to a building for sale, and as we outline what a building inspection entails, you’ll see why it’s such a good idea.

Several factors can affect the manner in which a report is detailed and formatted. A building’s size, age, condition and more will be elements that decide how the report is formatted, besides playing a major role in the final cost of the report. As such, some reports have to be tailored to the specifications of the property, whereas others can use a standardized format or a checklist. The goal of the report will be to inform you of the properties general condition, so the information is limited to what can be accessed in a general fashion.
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Building inspections will detail and visually examine several elements of a property. Things such as the roof space, roof exterior, building interior and exterior, site and under-floor space are all areas that are specifically examined by a building inspection. Building inspections will access the overall condition of a property, and should a particular area show signs of concern, can also recommend further inspections by other qualified specialists (such as a structural engineer, or a pest inspector).

In general, the purpose of this sort of report is targeted mainly at people who are looking to buy a home, or a property for their business. It is a professional opinion on the outward, visible condition of a property before you purchase it. However, it doesn’t cover legal compliance or go in-depth on the cost of any necessary repairs, which is instead handled by separate inspections done by any specialist related to the area in question.

Building inspections can be useful in a number of ways for someone looking to purchase a property. The professional insight shared in the report can act as an very important guide to know what areas of the building will need additional repairs and work over time. What’s more, a building inspection can give you a lot of leverage when negotiating a deal for a potential property. Often, if issues are present in the report, the property owner may fix them at their own expense or provide a discount.
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So to recap: a building inspection is a fairly straight forward, initial report that gives important information to a would be property buyer as to the quality of a building. It’s cost and format depends greatly upon the size, age and type of property in question. Lastly, it’s main use is to serve as either a guide for further inspections and repairs should you buy the property, to use while bargaining with the seller, or to know when it’s worth walking away from said property.

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