Comfortable Bed Sheets Made of Modern Materials

Bed Sheet Production Quality

Modern manufacturing has made big strides in the textile industry. The different types of materials used in manufacturing have increased. In the manufacturing of fine linens, it is true that more natural materials and finer kinds of cotton are being used. There are many advantages to using natural materials over synthetic materials when considering them for the use of bedding materials. One material that has been used for many years is cotton.

Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo linens and sheets are made from the natural bamboo fibers of the plant. Lightweight, cool, durable, and soft, they are becoming a popular choice for bed sheets. Since the bamboo plant is considered to be fast-growing, bamboo sheets are also eco-friendly.
Bamboo Bed Sheets

Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton has many advantages as a manufactured material for sheets and has been used for thousands of years. Some of the advantages of cotton are its strong fibers which make it durable. It holds up well under frequent washings with different modern detergents and bleaches. Unfortunately, because of the cotton industry, the cotton quality can change from crop to crop or from country to country. The manufacturing process may produce many different “100%” cotton types across manufacturing processes, where some quality is vastly different to the look and feel of other qualities. When a homeowner chooses cotton for bed sheets, it is best to check the quality of the cotton before making a purchase. Using this tip will ensure you obtain the quality you deserve for your purchase.

Pima Cotton Bed Sheets

Pima cotton is a higher quality of cotton, which produces higher quality and more durable material for bed sheets. Many bed sheet manufacturing plants give it the name of being “luxurious” because of the stability of the fiber in the cotton as well as the weave producing a smoother texture. The finished product absorbs moisture better and produces a brighter sheen and brilliance of the fabric. Having a bed sheet made of Pima cotton will also be more expensive because it produces a higher quality end product. It can be known as a luxury bedsheet. It is best to look at the labeling and the reputation of the manufacturer when purchasing higher quality bed sheets like Pima cotton, silk, or bamboo to make sure you receive the quality of bed sheet you pay for.
Pima Cotton Bed Sheets

Flannel Bed Sheets

Flannel is made of cotton, but the weave has this characteristic in that the tiny fibers that stick out after manufacturing are brushed and removed which give the cotton a brushed and refined look overall. Most people find the feel of flannel comfortable because of the way the cotton is napped on one side or combed and has a fleecy feel. Flannel retains more of the original feel of the cotton without the rough edges. Flannel is a thicker texture and may retain more heat in warmer climates, thereby it may give a not comfortable feel because of its heavier texture. Lastly, flannel is more difficult to clean and dry.

Tencel (Eucalyptus) Bed Sheets

Tencel is produced by using the fibers of the eucalyptus tree. Tencel has been used in manufacturing since the early ’70s and is considered to be a very good material for bed sheets. In today’s eco-friendly social atmosphere, Tencel is considered more sustainable than some other materials. Eucalyptus is a fast-growing tree and the production of the bed sheet material poses no threat to destroying the Eucalyptus tree. Tencel is a material that is durable and cool to the skin when asleep since it keeps moisture off the skin. Tencel is also more expensive than cotton.
Tencel (Eucalyptus) Bed Sheets

Many Materials to Choose From

Bed sheets are not seen daily by guests in our homes but are considered one of the important parts of home decorating. They are important in having a good night’s rest. Every choice of bed sheet will either keep you warm in winter or cool in summer. This is particularly important in experiencing nightly rest throughout the year. These are some of the many types of materials modern manufacturing is using to produce fine bed linens and sheets. Others, like polyester, modal, linen, and silk are also extremely desirable materials for the making of sheets. While not all materials are equal, some are more sought out for their comfort and durability. Others are sought for their dependability yet best quality. Today’s linen manufacturers produce a variety of bed sheets that bring the quality and level of comfort needed for their personal use and attempt to reach every consumer within their economic brackets.

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