Building A Swimming Pool From Scratch

The swimming pool adds to the beauty of a house. It is regarded as a symbol of luxury and taste. After a whole days’ work, the opportunity to relax by the pool comes as a great reward. It is a necessity too for people who wish to remain in good shape. Swimming is a great form of exercise. It takes planning and some basic knowledge to build the right pool for your home. The pool structure is not the only thing you have to take into account. You need to consider the cost and installation plan of associated utility items too. Such items include pool pumps, filters, plumbing pipe works, and the poolside seating arrangements. Your knowledge and prior research will enable you to get the best value for money on your dream pool.


When you decide to build a swimming pool in your back yard, you need to get residential building permits from the city authorities. You should also keep in mind the regulations of your neighborhood’s housing association. Each neighborhood has some distinctive guidelines concerning renovations and buildings. After you apply for the permits wait for them to get approved.

Planning and design:

Planning and design selection is one of the most vital aspects of your approach. You should carefully consider your location, available space to select the right design for the pool. Most people prefer a pool in their backyard. Some want the pool to adorn the front side of the home. If you have ample space, you might be able to build around or square pool. A simple, rectangular pool is most suitable for homes with space constraints. Moreover, it depends on your taste too. Besides, springs and artificial waterfalls can also be incorporated in the pool. Nowadays many homeowners, add artificial rocks and palm trees near the pool to give it a natural vibe. Again all these depend on the taste and budget of the individual.

Types of a swimming pool:

  • Basically, there are three types of pool. These made from:
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl.

The concrete swimming pool is the most durable and strong. It is the most expensive too. Big swimming pools are mostly made from concrete. It gives flexibility in design. Fiberglass swimming pools are like one piece bowl. They are factory-made from molds. Then the pool is transported in one piece to the home. This type is the easiest to install at home. The Vinyl swimming pool is the cheapest option among the three. Vinyl sheets are shaped to fit the dimension of the pool. Vinyl pool’s durability is lesser than the other two. They wear out over time. Moreover, they need regular adjustments.

Hire an experienced contractor:

Hire an experienced contractor
Swimming pool installation is not the easiest task. Look for an experienced contractor for this job. Also, study the reviews of the contractor. An inexperienced contractor may mess up the project from the beginning.

Select the spot:

Select the portion of the space for the swimming pool. Mark space. Have a look at the property and building plan. This is to ensure that you don’t damage the other utility lines under the ground.

Prepare the ground:

First, dig up the ground in the designated spot. Then level up the ground according to the plan and dimension. The contractor might use modern heavy machines for the purpose. Make sure to take prior permission from the neighborhood authority for the use of these machines. These may create huge sound pollution and disturbance to the neighbors.

Concrete pool building process:

After the ground is ready and leveled up, your pool contractor will construct the metal rebar and the supporting wooden frames. Over this concrete will be poured down contouring to the shapes.
Concrete pool building process
Now you need to hire an expert plumber. He will set up the piping lines for pumping and drainage system.

Moreover associated pipelines for warm water can also be installed. The pump will be mounted and connected to the pipes. Then you need an electrician who will install the wiring for the pumps and underwater lighting. An expert electrician is most necessary here. You don’t want your wiring system to get messed up. Because a short circuit of electricity and water is a hazardous combination.

After setting up the pipe works and electrical wiring, your contractor will get the concrete mixer. Concrete will be poured down carefully on the metal rebar structure. Then the concrete will be leveled up. Keep close attention to the slope of the floor. At the final finish, the floor and the wall can be covered with cinder blocks or tiles.

Fiberglass pool installation:

A factory-made fiberglass pool can be directly installed at your designated spot. The ground has to be dug up in advance. The installation contractor will simply lower the pool in the ground with the help of a crane. The transportation of such a large item from the factory can be complicated sometimes.

Vinyl pool installation:

When the concrete base is ready, sheets of vinyl can be unrolled and stretched to the entire surface of the pool. Your contractor will use a vacuum nozzle to remove the air and bubbles under the vinyl liner. Finally, they’ll secure it with the liner tack around the outer edges.
Vinyl pool installation


After the pool structure is completed, it’s now time to check the plumbing system and electric wiring. Try out the pool pump. Check that the drainage system is clear or not.

In the meantime, you may also set up the decorative elements near the pool. These may include fancy trees, rocks, and an additional lighting system. Then you can add the seating loungers or the patios. Finally, it’s time to fill up the pool with water. Check everything again. Look for any leakage, ensure that all the systems are working fine. Now you can dive into the pool and indulge in the fun.

The construction of your dream pool is not the end of the journey here. You need to do the regular maintenance of the pool.

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