Why You Should Not Sleep on a Bad Mattress

Many people often replace worn bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and bedspreads but forget the mattress. As a result, they end up using a mattress for more than ten years, which is not recommended by experts.

If you belong to this group of people, you should have the old mattress replaced soon. Why?

It is risky to sleep on a bad mattress, and here are the dangers that you should know.

Back Pain

When used for too long, a mattress form dips and curves that resemble the curvature of your body. That is why some mattresses have a sag in the middle, or other positions used the most.

The deformations make sleeping in the bed uncomfortable since you are unable to lie flat on the mattress. Thus, you end up sleeping in awkward positions that put pressure on different parts of the body. You end up suffering from chronic back pain.
Back Pain

Therefore, if you want to avoid back pain, make sure you have a comfortable mattress that allows your body to relax during sleep time instead of causing more exhaustion.


In addition to causing back pain, a deformed mattress can make it difficult to sleep for enough hours. It causes discomfort that forces you to turn many times throughout the night in search of a better sleeping position. By turning regularly, you end up losing sleep or sleeping for fewer hours.

Therefore, if you are already suffering from sleeplessness, check the status of your mattress.

Sleep deprivation can cause serious health problems. It limits the ability of your body to repair itself, can cause weight gain, increase blood pressure, and lead to memory problems. Avoid the issues by replacing bad mattresses. That should not be a challenge because you can buy mattresses online Australia and have them delivered to you.

Cause or Worsen Allergies

A bad mattress can be a hygiene problem. When used for too long, it collects dead skin cells and dust. It then becomes the breeding ground for dust mites that depends on the dead skin cells.

A naked eye cannot see the mites because they are too small. However, they are dangerous since they cause allergies. You might find yourself sneezing, having a running nose, watery eyes, and suffering from itchiness each time you go to bed.

If you are already suffering from allergies, the dust mites can make them worse. For instance, if you are suffering allergic asthma, you might suffer from shortness of breath and chest tightness.
Cause or Worsen Allergies
Though washing beddings can help reduce dust mites, it cannot eliminate them. That is why you need to replace the mattress after a few years to avoid the accumulation of dust and skin cells, which invite mites.

To conclude, avoid sleeping on a worn mattress because it leads to chronic back pain, insomnia, and cause or worsen allergies. Always replace it before it becomes deformed and accumulates dust mites. Getting a replacement is easy because you can buy mattresses online Australia and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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