Budget Friendly Tips for Painting Your Office

Decorating your office and giving it a new fresh look through vibrating paint colors makes your employees work in a good environment which may increase your office’s productivity. In addition, painted neat and clean walls casts a positive impact on your clients as well. If you have just bought a piece of new office furniture, then painted walls can enhance the whole aesthetics of your office. Moreover, you can paint existing furniture to make it look brand new, so you don’t need to buy a new one. 

However, if you are avoiding the paint benefits just because you can’t afford the expense of commercial painter Auckland, then worry not. We have brought the amazing tips to cut down money on your paint projects, so you can get new painted offices without disturbing your budget.

Tips To Save Money On Paint Your Office 

It’s best to do your painting project on your own, if you want to save money. These expert tips help you to reuse your office space or paint your faded walls on your own while staying within your budget. 

Avoid Purchasing Painter’s Tape

Cutting the tape supplies in your paint project might save you a lot of money. Tapes take a long time to apply and then remove. If you understand fundamental cut-in techniques before painting, you will be able to achieve a tape-like finish in your paint job. To obtain a straight line while cutting in, use a firm brush and paint the edges fast.

Additionally, you may paint your borders with a purdy knife. A single purdy is less expensive than tape and saves your time. 

Use Paint Calculator

The risk of overbuying paint is quite high if you don’t know precisely how much paint you need. If you are thinking of buying more paint and saving it for later then you must know that storing paint is not easy as it may dry if stored for long or not stored properly. 

Therefore, you may use a paint calculator. The paint calculator helps you to calculate the amount of paint you need for painting a particular area. Many online calculators available can provide you with the right amount of required paint according to your area of interest. 

Moreover, you also need to consider how many coats your walls require. Then you can get paint accordingly. If you get a few liters extra, then it’s okay as you can reuse it for touch-ups. 

Plan Your Paint Project

If you want to stay within your budget then the best way is to plan your whole paint project. You need to determine what you really need. You also need to be assured what colors are best for your office. Therefore, before buying the paints it’s better to go for a sample and get an idea about the suitable paint colors for the office. Because, if the color does not seem appropriate for your area then you may need to change the overall color of the room. Otherwise,  you may need to change the whole color which will cost you double.

Look For Discounts

There are many new paint brands which offer discounts on their inauguration. In addition, in the spring season where most of the people use to paint their houses and offices, the paint companies offer sales. That’s why it’s better to wait for the right time and when sales are on you can start your paint project. You can simply follow the famous brands on social media and stay updated when they are going to start their sales. 

Invest In Quality Paint

When purchasing paint, the rational approach is to get high-quality paint regardless of price. If you choose low-quality paint, it may not last long and your walls will need to be painted again in 3 to 4 months. As a result, the money you spent on low-quality paint will be squandered. Therefore, search for smudge-proof and water-resistant paints. There are several high-quality paints available that allow you to clean your walls without damaging the paint. These paints may easily last a year or two. So, you may save time and money by not repainting your workplace.

Use Paint As Accent

Using the accent approach is another option to paint your office while using less paints. This technique may also be used to market your products or to write quotations on the wall. There are several stencils available on the market that allow you to add fantastic images on your wall and give the entire room an outstanding look while using the little quantity of paint.

Painting 1

Re-Use Your Brushes And Rollers 

The simplest approach to save money on any paint project is to use fewer colors. The less colors you choose, the more elegant your office will appear. However, if you have decided to use various colors, you do not need to purchase individual brushes for each hue. You may reuse the brush by thoroughly rinsing it with dish soap.

Furthermore, washing your brushes and rollers and then storing them in the refrigerator after packaging them in a plastic bag can keep them supple for longer. This procedure helps to keep the brushes wet, allowing you to reuse them.

Use Old Clothes

Once the paint is dry, use old clothing, bedsheets, or t-shirts to wipe away any excess paint from the furniture. It is preferable to cover the furniture with old blankets while painting. You don’t need to buy separate rags or plastic sheets to paint your house if you already have extra rags.

Use Paint+Primer Formula

If your walls have moisture or there is uneven surface then you may use a paint formula which comes with primer. This formula saves you money on buying primers separately. Primer is more appropriate for bathrooms and kitchens since they contain more moisture. Therefore, the semi-gloss nature helps to resist moisture and protect your walls.

Moreover, you need to be vigilant while choosing paint sheen. It’s better to inquire about the sheen of the sample, since it may differ from what you want on your walls once you’ve decided on a hue. For a softer appearance, choose a sheen that is less shiny, such as eggshell or satin.

Final Thoughts

Painting your home or workplace may be costly. However, you may paint your office to make it look clean, fresh, and new without breaking the bank. We have provided you with helpful and budget friendly tips for saving money on your paint project.

If your working hours are more expensive than a painter’s, call a paint specialist and let them do the task. These specialists are pros, and they guarantee a finished and faultless look. 

Furthermore, you will no longer have to cover and preserve your furniture, as well as manage the garbage. These professionals do high-quality work while you relax and focus on other vital assignments of your business.

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