Browsing Sofas for Sale in Washington? We Have a Few Stores You Should Browse

When looking to decorate your new home, you need to start with one important feature – the furniture. Furniture is what turns a house into a home, bringing liveliness and comfort to the living room, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen. We can make the process of furniture shopping extremely easy, preventing you from running around from store to store finding the best deals. 

If you live in Washington, you’re in luck – there are hundreds of reputable stores you can choose from. We have narrowed down these stores to the top 5 stores that sell home goods and furniture, with some online and in-person options.

Best furniture stores in Washington for Tables, Chairs & Sofas for Sale!

In-person: BoxDrop

If you are on the look for sofas for sale and on a budget to furnish your new apartment, BoxDrop could be a smart choice for those living in the Spokane area. Focusing on discounted mattresses, this massive warehouse offers adjustable bases, pillow-top mattresses, euro top mattresses, firm mattresses, and sofas for sale.

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In-person: Ballard Consignment Store

Located in the heart of Washington in Seattle, Ballard is a consignment store located on Market Street. Featuring a wide range of styles, from eclectic to conservative, this massive warehouse has something for everyone. If you are looking for the perfect sofas for sale for your new apartment, this is a good choice. 

Online: Burrow

For modern, sleek, and stylish sofas and furniture, check out Burrows’s website. This company has a knack for creating functional sofas and tables that go together to create one, modern set that is perfect for your new living room or family room. Along with an extensive selection of shelving units and seating, this company is now broadening its horizons and including lighting and accessories. 

The main focal point of this company is the seating choices, with Nomad sofas, couches, and comfortable chairs. If you frequently move locations from apartment to apartment, Burrow’s ease of use when it comes to assembling and disassembling furniture is a real game-changer.

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Online: Wayfair

Wayfair is a place that really has it all. With plenty of retail items, like dining sts, furniture options, accessories, and dining sets, you can buy everything to furnish your new home or apartment here in one day. Browse the sofas for sale, armchairs, beds, and more! 

Online: Rove concepts

With a focus on long-lasting and high-quality materials that are sure to outlast your other furniture and bedding in the house, Rove Concepts focuses on high levels of craftsmanship and a hands-on approach when creating all of their sofas for sale, dining tables, and beds.


Browsing sofas for sale can be a time-consuming task – but it doesn’t have to be. We have narrowed down the list of best home goods suppliers in the Pacific Northwest to help you find the ideal sofa, kitchen set, and bedroom mattress for your needs. Selecting the right piece for your living room is the difference between a comfortable night in watching a movie and a restless evening. 

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