Best Wire Nail Making Machines Reviews

Do you work in nail making industries? Or is your work related to the manufacturing of nails? So, in that case, are you looking for the  best nail making machine, and still, you haven’t found one? Then your journey of finding the best nail making machine ends here! Because we are going to review the five best nail making machines in this article. Without wasting further time, let’s get started!

Wire Nail Making Machine N-3 By Sahara Products

nail machine

First, on the list is an N-3 wire nail making machine by Sahara products. It is the most rated product on Amazon. Its features are given below.


  • Model Number: is s-3
  • Power required: H.P.3
  • Case Size (in cm): 140 × 100 × 115
  • Maximum speed (Nails/minute) : 400
  • Maximum wire diameter: S.W.G (mm) : 2-4 mm, 12-8g
  • Maximum wire length: 25 mm to 100 mm, 1″ – 4.”
  • Number of memory sticks: 1

This machine will prove best for you because it’s the high speed of nail making.

GIN5 Wire Nail Making Machine By Sahara Products

Another from Sahara products. This one is a too decent machine for nail making. Its features discussed below.


  • Model Number: GIN5
  • Manufacturer: Sahara Products
  • Power Required: H.P.10
  • Case Size : 245 cm × 150 cm × 190 cm
  • Maximum speed ( Nails/Minute) : 150
  • Maximum wire diameter: S.W.G 4 mm to 6 mm
  • Maximum Wire Length: 7” and 175 mm
  • Number of memory sticks: 1

The GIN5 Wire nail making the machine is reasonable for your work, but it could be better in the speed of making nails. Otherwise, it is quite a fine machine.

Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine N-4 By Manek Manufacture

Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine N-4 By Manek Manufacture

Now comes Model N-4 By Manek Manufacturers based in India. It is a superb prototype to manufacture the nails. Its specifications allotted below.


  • Model Number: N-4
  • Product By: Manek
  • Product Dimensions: 1.35 ×1.25 × 1.10 m
  • Maximum Production/ Minute: 200 – 250 nails
  • Max Wire Diameter: 3.25 mm to 4.06 mm
  • Power Required: H.P.5
  • Weight : 1200 / 1550 Kg
  • Wire Gauge: 10 – 8 S.W.G

We can say it is a good product, but weigh wise it is not that great compared to Model No N-1 by Manek. For the information about the N-1 model, hold on with us, and read the rest of the article.

Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine N-1 By Manek

It is the top product of Manek manufactures because of its speed, weight, size, and everything. Let’s discover its outstanding features.


  • Model Number: N-1
  • Product By: Manek
  • Product Dimensions: 0.85 m × 0.85 m× 0.90 m
  • Maximum Nail Production/Minute: 400 – 450 nails
  • Maximum Wire Diameter: 1.22 mm to 2.03 mm
  • Power Required: H.P.2
  • Weight: 350/450 Kg
  • Wire Gauge: 18 to 14 S.W.G

You can see, it is the outstanding automatic wire nail making device. It has every feature that should be in the best wire nail making machine. We assure. You will be satisfied with this product.

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