Most Luxurious Interior Decor Materials

There are some materials and pieces of chic décor that just speak ‘Luxury’ and ‘Lavishness’. For centuries, homeowners were after the best money can buy in terms of material choice, aesthetics and durability. Times sure change, but the best and most luxurious interior décor materials tend to stand the test and remain in style for a very long time. In this article we will introduce you to the very exclusive likes of charred wood, the always-trendy marble, and we offer nothing less than gold. So, without any further ado, here’s some of the most impressive luxury décor materials!


Just as with the Lord’s name, gold shouldn’t be used in vain. Yellow, rose, white or whatever else gold is shiny and surely catches the eye. Gold-plated or gold incrusted accessories, china, furniture or even things like chandeliers will always and forever transmit luxury and superiority. However, even if you’ve amassed an enormous fortune, tasteful fashion sense should recommend using it scarcely and very precisely.

What we mean is that there are obscenely rich people that go out and make their homes almost entirely out of gold. From doorknobs, all the way to bed legs, there’s more gold in the home than home itself. It isn’t the most practical of materials so overusing it is silly. Here’s some Pinterest inspiration on how to accommodate gold and golden accents in interiors.

P.S. you could also use gold-coloured substitutes which still look amazing, and is a lot cheaper.

Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban

The name sounds exotic and exciting, right? This is a Japanese term that defines charred or burnt wood. For centuries the artisans of the Orient developed a technique which allowed turning regular cypress wood into a much more sustainable and durable construction material.

Yakisugi (which is the process of turning regular wood into Shou Sugi Ban) changes the texture and visual aesthetics of flooring and siding to make everything seem more natural and thus, very luxurious.

Even though this is an old technique, it goes well with both modern and classic interiors. Present-day manufacturers char all sorts of wood, ranging from Siberian larch to pine, spruce, birch and even the same old cypress. This means that you can easily find something to like and love.


From starring in timeless works of art like the Statue of David, all the way to being present in modern kitchen tabletops, marble is a uniquely versatile material which receives universal praise for its unique beauty.

Even though marble is mighty expensive, even a single marble accent greatly improves luxury aspect of things. Every time someone sees marble in a home – they are as impressed, as when they see gold or diamonds. It’s timeless, elegant, tough and always in-style.

Silk & Velvet

Silk & Velvet

Hearing the words like silk or velvet instantly associates with softness, smoothness and comfort. Décor elements like silk pillowcases immediately increase sleeping comfort and add homeliness to interiors.

Velvet sheets or other instances of this fabric will be always pleasant to touch and look at. They glow, slightly and impress even the coldest hearts.

Composite stone

Just as marble, composite stone is one of those materials that look impressive from all angles. They are mostly used in kitchen and dining room applications, but who knows, maybe you will discover another location where they’ll blend nicely.

Composite stone is smooth and glows. It is easy to maintain and very durable which means that it will stick around!

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