10 Best Wall Mirror Designs for Living Room Online in India


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If you are looking for a way to add design to your living room without much effort, try installing some best wall mirror designs. Not only are they easy to set up and maintain, but also give your room an elegant look that makes it seem like you spent hours designing the space. The wall mirror is also a great way to add a new level of elegance to your living room. 

The minimalist design of this wall mirror from all home living makes it perfect for modern living rooms where simplicity is appreciated. If you want the best of this kind of mirror design in your living room, then you don’t have to wander around looking for them all these great ideas can be found online in India. Mirrors create a perfect ambiance for your home decor. To help you find the perfect wall mirror design for your living room, here we have picked the 10 best mirror designs. Check them out.

  1. Venetian Style Wall Mirror 

A Venetian-style mirror is one of the most distinctive style designs in the mirror world. This type of mirror can be found in many different sizes and shapes. These mirrors offer elegance and natural light, so they are the perfect addition to any home. 

This type of mirror can be found in several different materials. Some of the materials that could be used to make a Venetian-style wall mirror are glass and wood. In some cases, Venetian-style mirrors come with a complete frame set up, with all items included for hanging the mirror into a wall space. Overall these types of the mirror can make your living room looks attractive.

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  1. Fusion Rectangular Mirror Large for Living Room

The Fusion Rectangular Mirror by Room Essentials is the perfect size and shape to put in any room! It has a sleek, brushed nickel finish on the frame with an etched pattern. This mirror is made of heavy gauge steel with an MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) backing. The Fusion Rectangular Mirror also features beveled edges and a durable plexiglass mirror surface. The Fusion Rectangular Mirror is an elegant, modern mirror. This is a versatile mirror and would be great if you’re not looking to buy anything too fancy.

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  1. Rio Venetian Mirror

If you love to make your home a reflection of your unique style, then our Rio Venetian Mirror is perfect for you! This stunning piece will surely be a focal point in any room it graces.

This mirror has an excellent-looking glass finish with an interesting, geometric design that goes around the top and bottom edges of the frame. The mirror itself is silver, making it elegant yet modern-looking. It’s also great at reflecting light around rooms without seeming too harsh on your eyes. It would look great in just about any room in your house!

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  1. Bevelled Venetian Frameless Wall Mirror

The Bevelled Venetian frameless wall mirror is a simple, elegant way to add natural light and clean lines to any room. This mirror can be hung in entryways, hallways, bedrooms, or anywhere else that needs some added light or art. The textured glass has a 3-4mm bevel which adds a bit of depth that creates the illusion of dimensionality. The frameless design means there is no visible frame so it won’t take away from any decor. The Bevelled Venetian frameless wall mirror is a perfect option for those who want a stylish contemporary look.

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  1. Large Frameless Venetian Mirror

Anyone looking for an elegant and distinctive way to add a little sophistication and style to their home needs not to look any further than this classical Large Frameless Venetian Mirror from the all home living Collection. The large size of this mirror creates a stunning focal point while adding an air of elegance when placed in any room. 

Classically framed with accurate beveled edges that are triple lacquered for long-lasting protection, this mirror will last for generations. And if you think that is enough – it also doubles as a superior workmanship piece with its finely polished glass backing and tasteful beveled edge framing.

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  1. Venetian Round Hanging Wall Mirror

The Venetian Round Hanging Wall Mirror features a beveled edge, which also creates a subtle frame around the mirror’s oval form. This style updates a classic design with an understated elegance that fits beautifully into any home décor.

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  1. Long Venetian Wall Mirror for Living Room

Are you searching for a great mirror that will make your living room stand out? These mirrors can instantly transform your look and add a touch of style to any space. Now, this is what I call going beyond expectations and getting value for money! The long Venetian mirror from all home living has been specially designed to meet the aesthetic needs of today’s modern homes. It features 3 Dimensional shapes that offer a stunning reflection that’s simple as well as sophisticated. It’s the perfect one to get for your living room.

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  1. Blue Petaled Mirror

If you love flowers, this wall mirror is for you. This mirror features petal-like flowers carved into a three-dimensional frame. The petals are realistic and delicate and make up a white or light ivory-hued flower that blooms in the mirror’s center. This mirror has the same benefits as traditional mirrors in that it provides an enhanced sense of space n the area around it, as well as produces more light and brightness.

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  1. Black Decorative Mirror

There is nothing more elegant and luxurious than a black decorative mirror. Mirrors can make virtually any space feel more welcoming and inviting, but when you add a touch of chic sophistication to that with the perfect black decorative mirror, it’s an entirely different story! It’s for those who want to create a sophisticated yet subtle look for their interior design, the classic matte finish is best. 

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  1. Decorative Rope Mirrors

We all love our homes, and we all know that one thing can make a space come alive. When it comes to adding style, there are few things as beautiful as decorative rope mirrors. They’re great for the living room or any other space in the home and can add great life to your room.

They’re not hard to install either; you just need a few tools that you probably already have around the house! They work by creating different effects with reflected light, making them perfect for both day and night time use. 

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Wrapping Up!

Most of our homes look incomplete. We need a wall mirror, something to make the place feel more like home. You might not be able to afford a designer piece from your favorite shop, but you can still find and use wall mirrors in your home for the same effect and style that you want.

Whether you are hosting friends or throwing a party, it’s always important to make the room look appealing and be noticed. If you’re looking for items to put on your walls, try the above-mentioned wall mirror designs from allhomeliving.com. Adding wall mirrors to a living space will enhance its appearance and make the room look more spacious

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