Innovative Ways to Renovate Your Rental Property’s Bathrooms

Renovating a rental property’s bathrooms can make your home more appealing to tenants. In return, this increases the value of your home. The bathroom is a high-traffic area in the house. It is tricky for renters not to damage the fixtures and tiles, especially if they have young children. 

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most profitable projects you can work on. The return will outweigh your time and effort put into this renovation.

8 Creative Ways to Renovate Your Rental Property’s Bathrooms

Bathroom renovations are often smaller projects that can yield significant results. When you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your rental property, consider one of these innovative bathroom renovation ideas.

1. Add Some Color

There’s no way around it; white is dull and familiar. But, adding color to the walls doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive. A broad range of paints available will transform those dreary-looking walls into something more cheery.

Consider using painter’s tape to create geometric shapes on the wall to make the process faster. Then paint each section with a different color to give your bathroom an artistic vibe. It will attract people looking to rent an apartment because they appreciate art and craftsmanship.

You can also add color by hanging artwork that incorporates different hues. For example, if you choose to paint the walls orange, you could hang up art pieces with varying shades of orange or complementary colors such as green or red. You can also get creative with this idea by hanging up art pieces incorporating black.

2. Install a New Showerhead

There are several types of showerheads on the market that offer different features and benefits. For example, rainfall showerheads create a relaxing stream of water that mimics the feeling of rain falling on your skin. 

Handheld showerheads, on the other hand, are beneficial to persons who have restricted movement. They can adjust the angle and height of the water flow. 

If you have an older rental property, you may want to opt for an energy-efficient low-flow showerhead. This will reduce water consumption and save money on utility costs

However, One should be very careful when installing plumbing accessories. Go for an emergency plumbing service when you want things like hot water installation for the showers.

However, open showers with glass walls are becoming more popular among homeowners. Most want a modern aesthetic but don’t want to sacrifice functionality by installing an oversized shower stall. Glass showers let light into other bathroom parts.

They make the room feel more open and spacious. They also allow better ventilation since there’s no wall blocking airflow between the shower area and other room parts.

3. Put Up New Lighting Fixtures

Innovative use of lighting can affect the look and feel of any room. Go for a modern look by installing smart LED lights under bathroom cabinets or around mirrors. You can even have these lights dimmed or turn on automatically, so they won’t get left on when they’re not needed, saving you money and helping the environment.

Lighting is essential for any bathroom, especially in small spaces where natural light is scarce. Lighted mirrors are necessary when applying makeup or shaving, and they can help make the space appear larger than it is. 

Hang many mirrors to provide more light, or install wall sconces that point upwards instead of down for better illumination.

4. Upgrade Your Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make any bathroom look bigger than it is. Encased or framed mirrors are ideal for bathrooms instead of plain mirrors on the wall. These mirrors are easier to clean and less likely to be damaged by water. 

When choosing the size of your mirror, remember that bigger is better! The larger your mirror, the more light will reflect around the room and create an illusion of space.

5. Install New Flooring to Renovate Rental Property’s Bathrooms

A quality floor covering is essential for any bathroom, but flooring can get exceptionally pricey if you plan on replacing the entire surface area with new tile or hardwood. Fortunately, cheaper alternatives still look great, such as vinyl and laminate flooring. These materials are easy to clean and durable.

You can also save money by shopping for discount flooring materials online. If you choose laminate floors, for example, you can find them at much lower prices than what you’ll pay at a home improvement store.

6. Install Some Storage Units


One of the first things that people tend to notice when they enter a bathroom is whether or not there is plenty of storage space. While this may seem like a small detail, it can significantly impact how much people enjoy your rental property. 

Without proper storage, renters are likely to feel cluttered and claustrophobic in what should be one of their favorite rooms of the house.

Shelving units that fit over the toilet will keep towels and other bathroom supplies off the ground without taking up valuable floor space in the room, which is often limited in a bathroom setting. You can also add extra storage by hanging shelves and towel racks on any available wall space, as well as by installing under-the-sink organizers.

7. Update Counters and Walls

Counters and walls can make a big difference in a bathroom’s attractiveness. Opt for ceramic tiles for your counters since it is easy to maintain. It also comes in many colors and is more cost-effective than other materials such as quartz or granite. 

For walls, go with tiles that look like stone or marble to give the room an expensive look without the cost.

Re-grout the tile if necessary, and consider replacing old handles, knobs, towel racks, and other fixtures if they’re broken or scratched. Then add sassy new rugs, bath mats, and decorative touches like candles and mirrors. Use adhesive hooks on the wall.

8. Update the Faucets

One of the first things you should do when remodeling your rental bathroom is to replace all the faucets. While this may not seem like it’ll have a significant impact on how your bathroom looks, replacing old faucets with newer ones can significantly transform its appearance. 

This is more so if you choose faucets with a brushed nickel finish.

In addition to having a modern appearance, brushed nickel faucets also offer other benefits for landlords and property owners, including their ease of use and low maintenance needs. Look for faucets in sleek finishes like polished chrome, stainless steel, and nickel to add a modern touch.

In Conclusion

The primary concern of property owners is usually the bottom line. The only way to achieve this is by understanding what the market wants and needs. The homeowner must know the current trend and catch up to it. 

By renovating your rental property’s bathrooms, you will make your home more valuable. More than anything else, these eight ideas can help you achieve your goal with excellent results.

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