Best Storage Solutions for Farmhouses

Farmhouses have a lot of common features. They generally have wood siding or other simple, cheap construction so it’s easy to add on rooms or entire wings. Wide porches and large working kitchens are also common, as well as mud rooms to wash dirty work clothes. Although farmhouses typically come with a lot of land, when it comes to storage within the home there’s never enough. So here are some of the best storage solutions for farmhouses.



Wardrobes have a number of points in their favour. They offer the same convenience, security and privacy as closets, but you don’t have to build new walls to accommodate them. Simply drop a wardrobe into the side of the mud room or by the front door, and you have a place to store jackets and sports gear.

Storage Benches

Storage benches have hidden storage space, usually under the seating. These are perfect for hiding away shoes and work boots. Another option would be a storage bench with storage inside of the seat itself. This is a good option for bulkier items like blankets and pillows. Alternatively, you could look for seats with shelving underneath or even coat racks to hang by the front door.

Baker’s Racks

Baker’s Racks
Baker’s racks are open wire shelves typically used for cooling pies and loaves of bread. These storage racks are best used in the kitchen, dining room or pantry. Note that you can put wood boards on the racks so that smaller items can sit on the shelves.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets offer versatile storage options. They’re also perfectly at home in a farmhouse. You can use them to store loose items in the mud room or hold laundry in the laundry room. Put them on shelves or inside cabinets. You can also buy hanging wicker baskets to get storage without having to give up valuable floor space.

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a slightly more durable alternative to wicker baskets. They’re useful for storing fruit that you’ve just washed or other wet items that need to dry.

Mason Jars and Mason Jar Hooks

Mason Jars and Mason Jar Hooks
Before Mason jars were used as drinking glasses, they were used in farmhouses for canning produce. These are great for storing baking mixes, spices or canned fruit. If you have a lot of jars, pick up a mason jar hook rack to store them.

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