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7 Reasons Why You Need a Bigger Office

When it comes to running a business, every decision counts, no matter how trivial it might seem. The size of the office of the business is no exemption to this rule.

The term office furniture Sydney might seem like a commonplace word, however, it only enhances the importance of the office space, and how business-related objects are placed within that space.

First of all, an office needs to have ample space available for the staff, the furniture that they will be using, and the storage area for files, and documents.

Then, there should also be enough room for keeping all the necessary equipment that is used during the daily routine. This includes the printer, scanner, and copier etc.

If you happen to have an office that is much bigger than your requirement, you will be paying much more than you should. The bigger office also means unnecessary expense increase in utility bills and rents. This does not mean that you should keep yourself confined to a small flexible office.

When your business is experiencing growth, a bigger office will become a necessity. In such a case there is simply no point in clinging to the old smaller office. Such a time will be best for shifting to a large office space for rent.

There are several reasons why you would need a bigger office. In the article below, we will discuss seven of those reasons.

1. Lack of Space for Office Meetings

Meeting rooms are necessary for any office. In every office, there is always a requirement for business meetings between staff members, with clients, and even vendors. Moreover, some of these meetings are being carried out simultaneously by different departments.

These meetings are part and parcel of running smooth business operations. If there is no space in your office for these meetings, they will either have to be postponed or canceled altogether.
Lack of Space for Office Meetings

The inability to hold business meetings on schedule can defer important business decisions which, in turn, can cost your business in financial terms.

Some business owners would advise their staff to hold these meetings outside office premises like a hotel or a restaurant, however, these are public places, and discussing the business-related matter in these places will carry the risk of exposing company secrets in front of everyone.

Another option is to rent meeting areas near the office. But these meeting areas cost a reasonable sum which may cause a financial burden for the business.

Lack of meeting places within the office is one of the reasons why you need a bigger office.

2. Unavailability of Storage space

Availability of ample storage space within the office premises is absolutely necessary. When an office is short of storage space, the storage area may quickly become a disheveled and disorganized area overflowing with old/new files. You will also see packing boards lying here and there within the same area.

Moreover, a business may also be maintaining storage for raw material and/or frequently-used stationery items.

There is an absolute need of having ample storage space within the office whether it is for files and records, supplies or raw materials.

Non-availability of this essential space constitutes a valid reason why you should start looking for a bigger office.

3. Overcrowding

The office staff is required to sit in the same place for several hours at a stretch every day. All their daily tasks must be done on the same table and chair. That is why staff needs to be provided with ample space of their own where they can easily carry out their duties. The crowded workplace is proven to affect office staff in the most adverse manner.

It may add to their stress levels which may impair their ability to provide maximum output.
Overcrowding within the office may also distract most of the staff. Imagine many people crammed within the place, and trying to carry out dissimilar jobs. In such a situation, most of the people would lose their focus on their assigned tasks.

This renders it is absolutely necessary that office personnel are provided with enough space where he/she can work in relative peace.

This would mean shifting to a larger office.

4. Installing new equipment

With each technical advancement or innovation, businesses strive to update themselves so that they are better placed to give their competition a tough time.

New technology means new equipment, and new equipment would always mean space-related issues.
Installing new equipment
For example, you are required to print commercial copies of a client’s banner. You will need a digital printer for this purpose. A digital printer must be properly installed. It is also rather big in size and would need a dedicated space where it can be put safely.

This is only one example. You may need other kinds of equipment which may also need a lot of space. This means that every addition in furniture, fixtures and office equipment will be accompanied by a reason to seek a larger and more spacious office.

5. New Hiring

You think that your office has ample space for new hiring of professionals and meet the requirements of new professionals as well as all the existing staff members that they are properly seated, and the furniture is fitted snugly. There is obviously no reason to shift to a bigger office.

However, if you take into account the fact that your company is growing with a good pace, you will come to understand that the office that seems good enough today, may become crowded within a few days. One reason for this is the hiring of new staff.

When the business is growing, it has an appetite for further expansion. Business expansion means more staff, more furniture, and more noise.

You must be prepared to take care of this situation even before it arises. This provides you with another valid reason for shifting to a bigger office.

6. Physically and mentally uncomfortable staff

When you feel that most of your staff seems to be uncomfortable in office without knowing why they are getting such feeling.

Within the office environment, they are supposed to sit on the same chair throughout the day. This means that being comfortable in their seats is essential for them.

If there is less available space, the staff will be less comfortable. They will feel overburdened by work without knowing that this feeling is caused by a lack of space.

7. Affordability

The most important factor while shifting from a small office to a bigger one is affordability.

If your business is growing and you realize that you need a bigger office, getting one will not be a problem. However, there is still a need to carry out a cost-benefit analysis of any such anticipated move.
Though more office space would obviously translate into more productivity, it should be proportional to the benefit achieved through this move.

The Final Word

There are many reasons that would compel you to seek a bigger office for housing your staff and carry out your business activities.

Some of these reasons are listed above. You may have other reasons that would be unique to your line of business.

The point is to analyze these reasons and then come to a decision which is best for your business as well as your staff.

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