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Best Decoration Ideas For Your Husband’s Work Cabinet

One way to express your love for your husband is to surprise him by decorating his work cabinet. During these pandemic times, he’s most likely to work from home, therefore it’s not a bad idea to decorate his cabinet in a way that is homely and funky. For instance, if your husband is interested in hunting, and is in search of a  suitable scope for .17 HMR cartridges rifles, he might be pleased to see some hunting-style decorations in his cabinet. In addition to this, the following are a few other tremendous ideas that can help you decorate his cabinet in a more creative manner.

Create a DIY Calendar

Imagine the smile that will cover your husband’s face once he looks at the effort you had put in to create a calendar especially for him instead of merely buying it and getting the job done. In this way, he can keep up with his busy schedule and mark any important event or meetings while his work cabinet gives a unique look.

Place a Stylish Tray or a Basket

Putting a stylish tray or a basket that goes well with the interior of the room, office desk and cabinet will not only work as a timeless décor item, but it can also be useful to prevent the piles of papers and documents scattering from all over the place.

If you want a more sophisticated look, you can opt for wicker baskets or sleek metal trays for a classy look to complement the interior of the room.

Use LED Lights

Not only can they make the cabinet look fancy, but also illuminate your husband’s working area simultaneously. There are many types of LED lights, so you have to see what works best for you.

You can use LED bulbs that can be brightened or dimmed, or you can use LED strips with the color of your choice with the suitable length for the cabinet. But it should be noted that the color-changing LED strips should not become a distraction in the work of your husband.

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Add Decoration Pieces

You can place an artificial plant on the cabinet to add a pop of green to the workplace, or you can place natural flowers to add fragrance to the room. If you think you or your husband won’t be able to look after the natural flowers, it’s better to stick with the artificial ones. Or, buying a low-maintenance real plant pot is always a way to go.  

Along with this, a few stones and rocks will add a great view to the cabinet. Instead of keeping it natural, you can also spray paint them for a distinctive appeal.

Invest in a Few Accessories to Store Stationery

Creative pen holders featuring intricate patterns can be a great idea for decorating the cabinet. Placing mugs and glass jars with some sort of artistic touch can also be used for storing stationery and paper clips.

You can go a step further and be crafty! Draw or paint a few hearts to express your love for him. You can even write motivational quotes in calligraphy style to keep him uplifted during strenuous work sessions.

Make use of Washi Tape and Wallpapers

Use washi tapes and wallpapers that best match the color scheme of the rest of the room. Washi tape can be used on the edge of the shelf or drawer, and the wallpaper can be used as a background for the shelf, or it can be pasted anywhere on the cabinet according to your taste.

Instead of placing ugly boxes on the cabinet for storage and keeping the place organized, be creative and stick multi-patterned washi tape and wallpaper on these boxes.

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