Best 5 Beginner Tips for Plumbing

Being a homeowner isn’t an easy task. Even though you can request expert help every now and then, you will always be the main person in charge of the smooth functioning of your living quarters. For this reason, being plumbing savvy is essential.

The 5 Tips

Here are the best five beginner tips for plumbing to get you started.

1. Use Online Tutorials

Use Online Tutorials

When you’re a beginner plumber, you need to make use of all the online tutorials you can find.

2. Remove Clogs Manually

Remove Clogs Manually
If you’re just starting out, handling chemicals might not be the best idea. According to The Spruce, you don’t need to use any potentially toxic compounds when unclogging drains. Something as simple as a drain snake will do the trick, and you can surely find an affordable one at your local hardware store.

3. Thread Tape Is Essential

Thread Tape Is Essential
Always remember to have thread tape on hand. As opposed to pipe dope, which can smear everywhere if handled incorrectly, this nifty little sealant will be your best friend in just about any DIY piping project you take up.

4. Heat Loosens Pipe Fittings

Heat Loosens Pipe Fittings
Some pipe fittings are so impossible to deal with that, not even the sturdiest wrench money can buy gets them loose enough to repair or replace. Fortunately, you have other options. The handiest one by far would be to use heat via a small propane torch to soften the material. Apply it for a few minutes to impose visible progress.

5. Focus on the Water Heater

Focus on the Water Heater
Think of your home’s water heater as its beating heart. In order to ensure that things run smoothly, you need to optimize it. Check its thermostat regularly to see if the temperature needs any adjusting and insulate its tank as well.


There are plenty of things that you can achieve by yourself plumbing-wise if you’re organized and patient. And when in doubt, always check out a few online tutorials. Things will be as easy as following a recipe from there. If you do need some more intensive work to be carried out, leave it to experts like Drainage Services.

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