How To Save On Cooling & Heating Costs

It doesn’t matter where you live; there is a constant battle to remain comfortable regardless of the temperature. The problem is staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You may want to have a look into some temp solutions to make your house more manageable during the different seasons. A lot of people have recently started trying out different ways to heat their house though. For example, some people prefer using an in floor heating boiler, whilst others love just using either a radiator or even an open fire.

The traditional response is to use air conditioning and heating units. But, this can cost you an impressive 38% of your energy use. When you look at your bill for the year you’ll quickly see how much you could save by learning how to save on cooling & heating costs.

Clad It

Clad It

This is not the method that most people think of but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. Take a look at this site to discover all the different types of cladding available.

Cladding can insulate your home, helping to keep it warm in winter. But it can also reflect the heat of the sun which will help to keep it cool in summer!

As an added bonus it will make your house look stunning from the outside and could even increase the value of your property!

Cover It

Cover your home by blinds
If you have shutters, blinds, curtains or even blackout blinds then you should use them. They can block the heat of the sun from your home; helping it to stay cool.

Equally, you can use your curtains or even clear plastic across your windows to prevent warm air from escaping; allowing you to keep the house warm. Add double glazed windows do your house to keep the heat in. The cost for double glazing is relatively inexpensive to the energy saved.

Isolate Rooms

Isolate Rooms
It’s not a good idea to leave a room without heat all winter, it will encourage damp and mold. But, you can close the room off for most of the week if you’re not using it.

Turn the thermostat for that room down very low; this will stop your heating or cooling a space that you simply don’t need.


Windows Blinds Decor Ideas
As well as using blinds you can use your windows to cool your home.

Open a window on the ground floor on one side of the house and one on a higher floor on the other side. This should create a flow of air through the house. Cooler air enters at the bottom and pushes the hot air out the top.

To keep your house warm it is also important to look at your windows and ensure there are no gaps where they join your property.
Filling these will help the heat stay in your home.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating
A great way to save money on heating costs in the long term is to install hydronic heating. This technique uses heat transfer in water to circulate the heating throughout the rooms and is incredibly energy efficient so you save significant money on your power bills. Mark from Hydronic Supplies highlights the other benefits this type of heating brings. “Hydronic heating systems are virtually silent, they distribute heat evenly throughout the rooms which increases comfort levels, and they don’t blow particles around which reduces dust and other allergens from affecting your family”.

Check Your Ducts

Your air conditioning and heating system may be working harder and costing more than it should simply because it is old.
As systems age, it is likely that cracks will appear in the ducting. Visually inspect it to ensure the warm or cold air is being directed where you want it to go.

Seams and corners are the most vulnerable areas; check these thoroughly!

Alternate Heat

You probably know that turning your thermostat down just one degree will save you a significant sum of money.

What you may not have realized is that you can shut your furnace or air conditioner off completely and use localized resources, such as a wood fire for heating or simply sitting outside in the summer.

If your device is off for just an hour extra a day it can make a huge difference to your heating and cooling costs.

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