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3 Important Considerations When Preparing for a Home Renovation

3 Important Considerations When Preparing for a Home Renovation

The key to a successful home renovation is planning.

Plan your budget carefully. Also, take the time to direct attention toward the small details of the project. For instance, determine how you and your family will live while the renovation is being carried out.

To help you organize or plan your home renovation project strategically, here are three crucial variables to consider.

1. Should you stay or go?

Determine if your family will stay at home during the renovation or if you need to move out. Typically, for a full home makeover, families move to a rental home or move in with relatives temporarily.

This is deemed the healthier and more convenient option because the tearing down of in-house components and all the noise can be too stressful for family members to be exposed to on a daily basis. In addition to that, with the family living elsewhere, work can actually be completed faster, especially if you are planning on extending your home. You will have to bring in multiple people to design and build the new part of your house, such as foundation fixers Dallas and your designer. This will take lot’s of time and it may not actually be worth living there whilst the work is going on due to the noise of the construction.

On the other hand, staying at home is definitely budget-friendlier. At the same time, it will allow you to monitor the project more closely.

Both options have their pros and cons – study all of them to establish which option is truly more advantageous for you.

2. If your family is staying, what are the solutions to help you work around the chaos at home?

According to Nina Patel of USA Today, it’s imperative to have solutions in place for dealing with the life disruption renovation is known to create.

For example, if you are having your kitchen renovated, think of a temporary setup in an area of your home where you can perform kitchen duties. Take your fridge, microwave or grill there so you can still prepare home-cooked meals for the family.

Another solution to consider is a new schedule for the family. A new daily schedule will help all the members of the family carry out some of their daily essential tasks before remodelers come and launch into work.

3. Where should your possessions go?

Before launching into the project, determine how you will manage all of the things you own. You will most likely need to get most of them out of the way for renovation to be performed more smoothly.

Along with this, you want to make sure that your goods will not get damaged during the renovation.

To manage your belongings effectively and efficiently, professional contractors and home remodelers have the following tips:

  • Keep, chuck, or sell

You may need to rent a dumpster for large scale projects, particularly if you’re planning some changes to the layout of your home. Downsizing helps a lot. Go through your belongings and take an editor’s approach. Get rid of unnecessary and broken items so you will only be left with the essentials.

For all the things you’re taking out of the collection, you should automatically throw out all the useless pieces. Once you’re only left with “still useful” items, try selling them online or through a yard sale. By doing so, you can generate additional money to funnel into the renovation.

If you’re still left with a large collection of things after a yard sale, donate them to the Salvation Army or some other charitable organization.

  • Rent a storage unit

If you want to protect the quality of all the items you will be keeping after the renovation project is done, put them in storage.

A smart solution is to use a mobile modular storage system. Unlike traditional self-storage, a mobile storage unit is delivered to you, allowing you to load your items for storage directly into the modules and saving you from the transportation to and from the facility.

Big furniture and appliances, as well as other valuables such as expensive artwork and a piano, should go in secure storage unit. Depending on your location, companies such as perth self storage can effectively store your items safely. Thick dust and tremors due to the renovation can compromise their quality.

  • Hire professional movers

All the items you will be moving to the storage facility to protect their quality should be handled by the pros. These people have experience and the right techniques for the careful execution of the job.

For instance, a piano is one of the most difficult things to move from one place to another. To get it out of the house so it can be placed in storage, you need the experience of professional piano movers. They will do the job more quickly and safely.

It’s worth noting as well that if you hire movers to bring your items to the storage facility, you can spare you and your family from the physically straining activity of moving.

A home renovation is a demanding project. So, take the time to meticulously plan. This way, you can make the process as minimally stressful as possible for you and your family as well as for your home remodelers.


John Pfeiffer has been the proud owner of Ashtons Removals for over 40 years. His attention to detail and emphasis on training and empowering his team members ensure that they move Gold Coast families’ furniture and effects undamaged and with minimum fuss every time.

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