Benefits Of Having A Fireplace At Home

Some of the best memories people have about their home come from the stories and moments they share sitting around the fire – only you do not have one. That is unfortunate, because they really do help liven up a room, and create those memories.

However, do not fear, getting a fireplace is much easier now than ever. Aside from the ease in which it is to acquire one (or find a new home that has a fireplace), there are significant benefits outside of the memory making you can get from sitting around with your loved one or the family. These benefits show just how useful a fireplace really can be.

Comfort For Your Family

Keeping it close to that idea of making memories, the most obvious benefit to owning a fireplace is that it provides comfort. Comfort in having a unifying spot in your home to socialize around for guests and for holidays, but also because at its essence it is intended to keep us warm. Really, that is it. Staying warm is important, especially if your home is older, has nasty drafts, or if you live in a frigid Northern climate. This amentity in your home is there to provide you comfort through warmth. Also, you could potentially roast marshmallows indoors. Just try not to burn yourself!
Comfort For Your Family

Environmentally Friendly Heating

Being eco-friendly is more important now than ever, and homeowners are seeing how important that is for them. Environmentally friendly homes are being built with safe materials in mind, and a lot of these home’s still include fireplaces. Why is that you might ask? Well it is because fireplaces can use less electricity than HVAC systems or electrical heating systems. Do not get it twisted though, some HVAC systems are intended for furnaces and fireplaces, but for the most part it is a good environmentally friendly form of heating your home. Wood and gas fireplaces are good too. The use of gas might sound contradictory but it uses a small, self-contained amount if you use propane that it is negligible. There are other benefits to environmentally friendly heating that will be discussed in the last two points.

Improved Resale Value For Your Home

Even if you do not plan on keeping your home forever, a fireplace is a smart investment for selling it at some point. The value is estimated at improving the overall resale up to 6 to 12%, which is significant. You might be pretty emotionally attached to your home, which is fine, but that is an incredible amount of value just from a fireplace. Even with cleaning and other upkeep, you can see 100% of the value recouped on the listing. Knowing that you can get that much of a return on investment has to make you feel good in the event that you sell the home. Who knows why you might sell your home, or what might happen in your future, so being able to improve the overall quality of your home with a fireplace is a long term investment for more than just the comfort for your family.
Improved Resale Value For Your Home

Cost Effective Heating Option

Listen, using energy in your home is expensive. Electricity and water can cost a fortune if you need to use them a lot, so saving money with the use of gas fireplaces can be a benefit for you. Propane is a good option, but one fireplace option is a ventless fireplace. These fireplaces require less HVAC power to keep the home clear, and if you read this guide here, it will show you how these fireplaces accomplish that. Without a vent, there is less electrical output that is required, and you still get a strong output of heat. What could be better than that? Well, rebates for saving on electrical usage is a cost effective advantage. So being environmentally conscious actually helps you receive some money back for your efforts, and ventless fireplaces (among the alternatives) are a smart, cost effective way to achieve that.

So, you can see how owning a fireplace is more than just making fun memories sitting around it. Yes, it is incredibly romantic, and yes, it is potentially great for roasting marshmallows indoors, but it provides so much more than just comfort for the family. Heating your home with less cost-effective methods, improving the comfort for your family, and potentially increasing any resale value your house has, is more than most people think about when checking out a home with a fireplace or installing one. Creating memories is good, but these benefits for a fireplace in your home are great.

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