An Ultimate Guide to Deal with Bed Bugs Effectively

In the face of the burgeoning population and the immense requirement of food, humans have resorted to fast-paced agriculture that requires the ingestion of various chemical compounds. Resultantly, these inorganic ways have indirectly multiplied the existing species of pests such that they have bothered almost every homeowner at least once in their lives.

As mentioned before, there are various types of pests like cockroaches and ants, but there are some like bed bugs that are incredibly sneaky and have a foul impact on your health and property. Therefore, we have created for you an ultimate guide to deal with bed bugs so that if your home happens to have an infestation, you are better equipped to handle it.

1. Identify the infestation:

The first and foremost line of action should be to identify the infestation because bed bugs are incredibly sneaky creatures and cannot be observed with convenience. Therefore, if you have woken up with welts on your body, or have found small black spots on your bedding, it is time to call bed bug extermination services.
Identify the infestation

Switch on a torchlight and look into the cramped spaces like cracks, crevices, and seams of the mattress because bed bugs love to hide in narrow spaces. You can call the professionals like bed bug control services to validate the fact that your home is infested with bed bugs.

2. Vacuum every potential hiding spot:

Once you have validated their existence, you do not have to find bed bugs with a torch anymore. Instead, fire up the vacuum cleaner and clean every potential hiding place of bed bugs like sofa cushions, wall hangings, wall cracks, and other such spaces.

3. Isolate your possessions:

It would be best if you can isolate your belongings by sealing them in plastic bags and classifying them into washable and non-washable categories. It will not only decrease the clutter in your home but will also restrict the movement of bed bugs.

4. Treat the washable items:

Pour the washable items like linens, curtains, bedding, and stuffed toys into the washing machine and let them wash for at least 40 minutes in a warm water cycle. As a result, bed bugs will die because they cannot bear extreme temperatures over a long period.

Washables must also include your pets because their furry bodies can serve as a great hiding place for the bed bugs. Therefore, give your pets a warm bath and keep them in the bedbug-free area so that they do not get infected again.
Treat the washable items

5. Treat the non-washable items:

Non-washable items like furniture and décor items can be kept outside in the sunlight to get rid of bedbugs because they are baked to death in the incredible heat of the sun. You can also freeze smaller non-washable items like décor pieces because bugs get exterminated in incredibly low temperatures as well.

6. Treat the floors and cupboards:

Employ the same principle of high temperature to get rid of bed bugs from your floors and closets. You can use steam mops to apply high heat on the potential hiding places on the floors, cupboards, and walls.

Lastly, before putting everything back in place, monitor your home and possessions for any remnants of bed bugs and repeat the steps mentioned above if necessary. Otherwise, you can also call professionals from any competent pest control service like the one mentioned above.

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