Bed Bugs Are A Public Health Risk That You Have To Get Rid Of

Bed Bugs Will Bite Both Humans And Pets

Bed bugs can be very scary because they bite people at night and feed on their blood. One day, you might realize that you have itchy welts on your arms, legs, and other parts of your body and not know how you got them. You might inspect your bedding and find small spots of blood here and there and start to wonder what is wrong. If you find yourself in this position, you probably have bed bugs. At that point, you are probably going to examine your bed thoroughly and you might manage to find some of the bed bugs but chances are that you won’t because bed bugs are very good at hiding and surprisingly small given the fact that they can bite you. You might decide to go ahead and wash all your bedding thoroughly in the hopes of getting rid of the bed bugs, but you will probably notice more itchy welts during the following days and find more spots of blood on your sheets. You could wash your bedding ten more times and even throw it away and replace it with brand new bedding and it will still not get rid of the bedbugs. You could even replace your whole bed with a new one and it will still not solve the problem. Why is that? Because despite their name, bed bugs do not only hide in beds. Once you realize that you have bed bugs, they are already hiding in your clothes, in furniture, in dark crevices, and even in your pet’s bedding. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? You should know that bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases to humans, but they are considered to be a pest of significant public health concern by some. Bed bugs are blood-sucking parasites very similar to head lice since they both feed on human blood. Bed bugs prefer to bite humans but will bite animals too so this makes them a nuisance and danger not just for you and your family but your pets as well. Getting help from professionals such as A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Rochester is important to thoroughly get rid of the bed bugs in your home to keep your loved ones safe.
Bed Bugs Will Bite Both Humans And Pets

Bed Bugs Cause A Lot Of Damage

The federal government has acknowledged that bed bugs are responsible for a large amount of negative impact on the public, such as health, mental health, and economic issues. While it is true that you will not catch some strange disease or virus from getting bitten by bed bugs, it is well known that their bites produce itchy welts and some people are even allergic to such bites, which can lead to severe consequences in some cases and require medical attention. It is also believed that secondary infections of the skin such as impetigo, and lymphangitis are a possibility with people who experience bed bug bites. Bed bugs may also have an impact on the mental health of people who realize they have them because of the paranoia and disgust that they cause. Some people might even experience insomnia as a direct result of knowing that they are sleeping with bed bugs that may bite them at any moment.

Can Bed Bugs Be Avoided?

You might think that there are measures that you can take in order to avoid a bed bug infestation, and there are things that you can do, but despite those efforts, bed bugs might still find their way into your home if you travel and stay in a hotel, motel, or hostel because those places get bed bugs that hitch a ride there in people’s luggage. Once there, they can hitch another ride to your home in your luggage, clothes and other items. Another way that bed bugs make it into homes and other properties is by hiding in used furniture that people buy. You might find a nice piece of furniture at a great price at a garage sale and take it because of the price, but you should check it thoroughly for bed bugs before you do that.
Can Bed Bugs Be Avoided

How To Deal With Bed Bugs

Once you know that you have bed bugs, you should not waste money or time trying to get rid of them on your own because that seldom works. You will definitely need a professional pest control company to get rid of them effectively so call one as soon as possible.

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