Best Mattress Tech on the Market Today


Best Mattress Tech

Not all mattresses are created equal. That’s evident in the kind of technology that makes today’s mattresses more eco-friendly and long lasting than ever. Here are some highlights of the best mattress tech on the market today.

Innovative Materials

For far too long, mattresses were made with all different types of materials that were harmful to the earth and uncomfortable to sleep on. Luckily, technology is catching up with way people are choosing to live. Using far more eco-friendly materials and putting an importance on back health, there are many innovative materials transforming the way mattresses are made.
Innovative Materials
Some of the latest technology include:

  • Celliant-Infused Mattress Covers – Celliant is able to help regulate body temperature with its thermo-reactive minerals. It also helps convert body heat into infrared light, which is touted for its healing agents.
  • Silver-Infused Mattress Covers – With the antimicrobial properties in silver, microbes aren’t able to thrive in the fibers of the mattress cover. This means you should find yourself sick far less often.

New Foam Technology

There are advancements being made in foam that are not only beneficial for consumers, but are beneficial for the environment, as well. This is because polyurethane, one of the main old school textiles used in foam, is made with chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients. New textiles are made with plant-based oils derived from soybean and various vegetables.

Some foam technology to look out for, includes:

  • Gel Infusions – When used in the top layers, gel can actively pull the heat away from your body, helping you sleep more comfortably. It even feels cool to the touch. Paired with breathable sheets, this is perfect for people who get overheated easily.
  • Metallic Infusions – Metallic is excellent for preventing bacteria from settling into the bedding. It’s also great for those who suffer from allergies. Not to mention the added durability and strength it offers, making the foam hold up longer.

Contemporary Latex

Graphite has become a cornerstone in latex technology. Many manufacturers today are changing the way people sleep by constantly evolving the way mattresses are made. That includes making them safer while you sleep. Graphite is an excellent fire prevention material that is also able to hold a comfortable temperature. It’s not so easily influenced by outside elements.
Contemporary Latex
Other benefits of latex include:

  • Resistance to dust mites.
  • Protection from mildew and mold.
  • Allergy fighting hypoallergenic properties.

Those are just a few of the reasons why latex is becoming such a sought after mattress material. Other reasons include the material’s impact on the back. It has been shown to offer pain relief to those suffering from back problems. You can choose between natural latex, synthetic latex, and hybrid options.

As you can see, if you’re in the market for a new mattress, there couldn’t be a better time to buy. Thanks to recent advancements in mattress tech, you’re sure to find something that will provide years of comfort. All while being kind to the environment, as well. That’s the kind of technology we can all get behind.

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