Basic Kitchen Essentials One Must Have

Setting up a new kitchen can be a difficult task. You are faced with making decisions regarding which tools you need in your kitchen and how effectively you can use them.
To end your worries, we are here with a list of basic kitchen appliances you must have. Also, you can use this list to improve the quality of the tools you have in your old kitchen.

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A whisk is an essential tool especially because it can be put to so many uses. Whether you are in a mood to have your pancakes for breakfast or just a plain omelet, a whisk is needed. You can use it to whisk dessert, salad dressing, sauces, eggs, etc. There are a lot of whisks available in the market which have sturdy handles and are also dishwasher friendly.

Measuring cups

Measuring cups come in sets and are very useful in measuring the quantity of each ingredient in a recipe. Even If you are good with estimates, you must have encountered the issue of a dish not turning out as good as you thought just because of a slight difference in the quantity of an ingredient used. Well, with measuring cups, you can be sure that you don’t encounter such an issue again.

Measuring spoons

Measuring spoons like measuring cups are very useful in precisely measuring the quantity of each ingredient. If you are obsessed with making perfect recipes which taste wonderful each time, measuring spoons are a must. They can also double up as mini spoons for spices and herbs.

Non-stick frying pan

A non-stick frying pan is a must for every household. The non-stick surface of the pan makes it easier to saute meats, vegetables, etc. The non-stick surface of the pan also ensures you will be using less oil. However, be careful not to use abrasive tools on its surface as it may destroy it.
Non-stick frying pan


A saucepan is very useful in cooking foods with liquid. They can be used to boil pasta, vegetables and to prepare sauces or soups. A saucepan with a nice handle can be very easy to maneuver.


An essential item in a kitchen is a knife. And that’s why you must buy a good quality knife. We recommend you buy a chef’s knife because it is very versatile and is used the most.
However, if you want to upgrade your kitchen a bit more, you can also buy a serrated knife for tomatoes and slices of bread and a paring knife for more delicate uses.


After boiling your vegetables or pasta, you need to drain the hot water to prevent overcooking. Draining out water from pasta and vegetables can be quite a task if you don’t have a colander. A colander is a must-have and can also be used to drain canned beans and washed vegetables.


You cannot forget a peeler while getting essential items for your kitchen. A peeler is used to peel the skin of vegetables, to shave off cheese, and to make ribbons of vegetables.

Can opener

A list of kitchen ingredients that come in a can is quite long. It not only includes canned beans and vegetables but other ingredients such as coconut milk, fruits, tomato puree, curry paste, etc. A can opener comes handy in such a case, thus making it a must-have.

With the above list, you are now ready to set up your new kitchen or upgrade the old one in the most efficient way possible. So click on this link to receive Interiors online promo code

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