Ask a Roofing Livingston Does Your Home Need Roof Ventilation in Livingston?

For maintaining good roof health, it is vital to have an escape route for the heat that builds up inside the building so that there are no problems with condensation. Condensation is bad because it damages roofs and shortens its life and can even damage the building structure due to moisture seepage. The need for proper ventilation to protect roofs came into prominence only in the middle of the 20th century when people realized the damage caused to roofs due to condensation.

There are guidelines and building codes about how to provide ventilation for roofs that the Proven Contracting contractor is aware of and can do a satisfactory job by considering other factors like roof and ceiling designs and regional climate. Lack of adequate ventilation not only harms the roof, but it is also crucial for overall roof maintenance. Attic ventilation keeps the air flowing through the attic so that there is a flow of outside air across the roof that helps to drive away excess heat and moisture from the air as it passes through the attic, and the benefits are many.

Extends the roof life

Extends the roof life

In cold climates where it is snowing, you might have seen icicles build up on the edges of gutters and roofs, which in roofing parlance is known as damming. The icicles often provide attractive sight, but the damage that it does to the roof remains invisible. Icicles form due to the heat caused by the sun and the hot air circulating in the attic that melts the ice and snow on the warm roof. The water then travels to the edge of the roof, where it freezes on meeting the cold outside air, and the same can happen under the roofing material, thereby damaging not only the roofing system but also the attic and can even affect the adjoining walls.

Proper ventilation drives away the hot air from under the roof and eliminates the chance of melting the snow and ice to form icicles.

Keep the indoor temperature below extremes

The attic is the hottest place in the home, and the upper floors are much hotter than the floors beneath, and the temperature difference can be as high as 10oC. In ranch-style homes, even if the room is not much cold, the feet may feel cold as ice. These are the effects of poorly ventilated homes, and to avoid it, there must be an arrangement for allowing hot air to escape from homes. This will ensure a comfortable indoor temperature round the year.

Lower energy costs

Lower energy costs
Inadequate ventilation of homes increases the inside temperature, and it requires running the home cooling systems extensively to keep the interior cool. However, when there is proper ventilation, the hot air displacement that happens continuously helps to keep the internal temperature low and reduces the load on the cooling machines, thereby lowering the energy bills and saving cost.

The added advantage of running the air conditioners less is that it reduces greenhouse emissions and does a lot of good for the environment. An experienced roofing contractor can incorporate the best roofing ventilation techniques that extend roof life and ensure comfortable living.

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