Are Powder Post Beetles Dangerous?

There are many different pests that you can worry about when you own a home. Rats, mice, and other rodents can do a huge amount of damage to your electrical wiring and other components in your house. But, there are other pests that can seriously damage the structure of your home.

You’ve probably heard of termites, but have you ever heard of powder post beetles?

The Powder Post Beetle

This is actually another form of wood-boring beetle. It creates tunnels in your wood and will leave their eggs just below the surface of the wood. When the your beetles hatch they also chew tunnels into your wood. They actually use the wood as food.

Once the young beetles have matured they will chew their way out of the wood, the hole you see will be no bigger than a pinhead.

An adult powder post beetle will be up to 3/16th of an inch long with a reddish-brown colored body, they are elongated and relatively flat. The larvae are just ¼ inch long and are white, in the shape of a ‘C’.
The Powder Post Beetle

If you see them in your home it’s a good idea to call your local pest control experts and have the problem looked at.

It’s worth noting that they generally infest dead or dried hardwood. They may stay inside the product while it is cured and used, only to emerge as adults in the completed furniture.

Are They Dangerous?

They could bite you but it’s highly unlikely, particularly because they spend all their time inside their wood tunnels.

However, they should be considered dangerous because they eat the wood in your home, potentially affecting the structure of your home and even causing it to be unstable.

If you see any of the following signs of infestation you need to call your local pest control service.

  • Exit Holes In Wood

The larvae do emerge from the wood when they become adults, leaving the aforementioned pin-sized holes.

If you see these in your wood you need to investigate more. You may have a powder post beetle infestation.

  • Fine Sawdust

Under the holes, you’ll notice a fine sawdust, that what’s left of your wood after these beetles have eaten it. The quicker you take action the better.

Bringing Them Into Your Home

Bringing Them Into Your Home
Powder post beetles can be introduced into your home when you bring in wood furniture. You may not even know they are present for a significant amount of time. This is the easiest way to get them into your home, unfortunately, it’s not so easy to get them out.

It really is best to get professional help to identify these beetles and use the right technique to eliminate all of them from your home.

Don’t forget, you can check all furniture before you bring it into your home, anything that has small holes in should be looked at further before it comes inside your home. You can also paint the wood to make it unappealing to the powder post beetles.

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