App Developers May Opt iOS Over Android: Here’s the Reason Why

App Developers May Opt iOS Over Android: Here’s the Reason Why

The latest news on Facebook is they allegedly suspended thousands of apps due to the existing investigation related to the improper use of data by the developers that are third-party in nature. This investigation forms part of the issues associated with the Cambridge Analytica scandal that happened sometime last year. But, is this a big deal for any mobile app development company? Well, it may have an indirect effect but this is not the main focus of this post. The gist of this article is about the reason why most application developers may choose iOS over the popular Android Device.

Since then, there has been a tug-of-war between iPhones run by iOS and other smartphones run by Android. Their known business war has paved the way for the fast-pacing production of apps for the different businesses. For some, Android may be seen outshining the iPhones in several considerable ways. However, iPhones for some, too, are much more advantageous when it comes to a great hardware set-up and performance. Complementing any of the two with apps can surely bring a wonderful experience for the users.

However, when it comes to mobile app designers, like the app developers from Ramotion, they said that there are some key areas that iPhone is much better. Apps for iPhones are greater than those counterpart on Google that uses an Android operating system. And Google in this case has not been able to address the issue; that’s why until today, a lot of app design and development experts would prefer iOS over Android.

App privacy is a big thing, say app developers

App privacy

The privacy of the applications for the different businesses, institutions, and organizations is the biggest factor of all. Does it mean to say that Android apps are more prone to suffer from any privacy-related issues? Does it imply that the users’ data can be more compromised with Android apps than the iOS counterparts? The app makers on this planet have hinted that it’s one of the compelling reasons why they may prefer iOS.

One article published Forbes uses Alto’s Adventure’s launched app on iOS and Android as a highlighted factor. According to Alto’s Adventure, they have had a much huge sales on iOS than on Android. This is a critical claim, so to speak. It does mean that when it comes to generating profit, iPhones and other devices that use iOS are more profit-friendly. They generate income from a $2.99 price. On Android, there is a free download concept and the price is set at $0. So, tackling about monetization, there’s money with iPhones and the related devices than that of the competitor’s side – the Android-run gadgets.

Considerable enough? Yes, of course. The app development experts in this world would choose the option where there is more money. Because in Android, it’s free to download several apps, monetization is relied heavily on the paid ads and other sources of income that are indirect. Ryan Cash told The Verge that, “We think we’ve been able to find a balance that lets us treat players in a fair way. [People] can still get the same premium experience you get on iOS, but without needing to pay upfront.” This emphasis is the leading cause why there’s limited cash flow for app developers with Android. The reversal is on iOS as they can earn much higher.

Piracy compromises everything on another end

Piracy compromises
It’s easy to pirate the original apps available on Android phones. Piracy is one of the biggest reasons why most application and web design developers are struggling to earn more. Because of this piracy factor, they would find a way to earn money through ads. How about the upfront fee? Nope. It’s less feasible because of the fact that the original copies of lots of apps are duplicated and made available on the market without the consent. Even if the project is copyrighted, the piracy experts would still tend to copy the apps that are created.

Yes, it is true that Android is the winner over iPhone regarding the total share of the market. But still, the top mobile solution providers in the world would favor iPhone over Android. Try to consider the apps of online games these days. They can easily be pirated on Android and the gamers can easily download and install them on their phones without the need to pay the upfront fee. This is a sad reality. Hence, the primary target of application creators is the iOS platform.

Does it make sense already? Of course, you might now understand why there is money on IOs for the application experts. Mobile gaming is a phenomenal reality at present. A lot of people are hooked to play their favorite web-based game every day. On Android, most players don’t pay for games. But on iOS, they have to pay. There is ultimately a big difference between paying for the upfront idea and having the free version when it comes to making money. So, the capitalization in the app development industry is poured much on the iOS versions.

Furthermore, any apps can installed on Android coming from different sources. Yes, it’s true. Not just from Google Play Store. And to think that Google does not have any installation rules that can restrict this aspect, the users can easily do it. They can get any app outside the Play Store and they can freely install it on their Android phone.

On the other hand, Apple is so strict on this aspect. Regardless of the device model that someone has, he/she can get an app from the App Store alone. Piracy is not allowed. The users are obliged to pay the upfront fee that is shared and divided among the different stakeholders of the apps – the brand owners, the developers, and the investors. This restricted rule seems to be the main reason why the developers of apps and the tech business community would choose iPhones and iPads as the destination of their produced software.

The news circulating on the Alto’s Adventure‘s success that depends mainly on iOS is one concrete example why software solutions (apps) are more inclined to be focused on Apple brand. But Snowman has had an experiment on Android. It is to determine if they can remain profitable on that platform given the noted realities.

In terms of sustainability, it can still be determined whether or not the app development business can sustain on Android. There are several problems associated with monetization. Monetary value is limited due to piracy, privacy, among other things.

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