How to Design Your Bedroom for a Refreshing Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to living a healthy, enjoyable life. Taking steps to do so will help you to feel good, full of energy in your daily life and able to perform to your best at work. Getting enough sleep will also keep you healthy by giving your body the chance to repair overnight and your mind to relax from the day’s events. Most experts recommend between eight and 10 hours per night in order to achieve that but it is not just about how long you sleep for.

The quality of the rest you get is related to your wellbeing. If you have eight hours of poor-quality sleep each night, it will not bring all the benefits of quality sleep. If you struggle to drop off, toss and turn in the night or wake up frequently, it will not be good for you in the long term. One way to get a refreshing night’s sleep every night is to design your bedroom so that you are comfortable and as relaxed as possible when you go to bed. The environment we sleep in has a big part to play so making sure your bedroom is relaxing and comfortable is vital.

But what are the best bedroom makeover tips to know about?

Use the right pillows

right pillows

The pillows you use can definitely affect your sleep. Ensuring your neck has the right support will help in allowing you to drift off and to wake up feeling refreshed. The issue here can be that different people need different levels of support to sleep well. With this in mind, buying an adjustable neck pillow to use is a fantastic idea – there are many adjustable pillow options on the market to choose from.

Think about the color you use on your walls

One of the best bedroom interior design tips is to think carefully about what paint color you have on the walls. Color has a big impact on how we feel and how stimulated our minds are by our surroundings. If you have too bright or vibrant a color in the room, it could actually stop you being relaxed enough to sleep well. Many people instead go for calming colors like pale blues or greens to provide the perfect surroundings in which to rest. The same is true if you prefer wallpaper in your bedroom – make sure the pattern and colors of your paper does not prevent you from drifting off to sleep.

Take time to declutter

Take time to declutter
Another great tip on designing your bedroom to promote better rest is to keep it clutter free. Mess and clutter can actually unconsciously stress you mentally which will then prevent you from sleeping properly. By removing any items that should not be in your bedroom and tidying up, you will be left with a tranquil space which helps you get the best quality rest. If you store things in your bedroom because you have no other space, at least invest in draws or cabinets to actually put items out of sight. Ideally though, you should only have bedroom related things in your bedroom! Of course, this is also a great tip in terms of interior design as your home will look much cleaner and spacious afterwards.

Ditch the electronics

Most people will have a tablet or smartphone on their bedside table – sometimes even both! While there may be good reasons for this, having electronics in the bedroom is not great for promoting sleep. To begin with, you will be tempted to keep checking every notification that comes through or worrying about what they are if you do not. Electronics left on can also give off electromagnetic waves which may also interfere with sleep patterns. The best idea is to simply remove these from your bedroom and invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock to wake you up in the mornings. This will also give your bedroom some vintage charm and style.

Rejig your boudoir to feel better

If you are having trouble sleeping then it may be your bedroom décor that is the problem. Whether it is the wrong colors on your walls or some other factor, there are many things which can impact on how you sleep. The above tips give a few quick and simple ways to resolve some of the most common issues. In addition, taking time to redesign your bedroom’s look will also help to give your whole home a new lease of life and refresh the décor. You would be surprised at just what a difference updating one room can have.

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