American Home Shield Home Warranty Review, Plan, and Coverage


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Your dream home is not just your biggest asset, it is a mark of your identity, a place to call home and come to at the end of the day. It is by all costs and effort that this home should be protected from mechanical wear and tear, structural wear and tear, and natural elements such as fire, storm, or flood. 

This is where home warranty and insurance services such as American Home shield come into the picture. American Home Shield reviews are quite high and many Americans trust such providers with a vast network to protect their homes from both internal and external factors.

Home Warranties

When you buy a home or a flat it usually comes with a warranty on all its equipment, services, and utilities. But once the house has crossed its warranty period, then you need to choose a home insurance provider such as American Home Shield to protect your home from structural and mechanical damages such as to its appliances and services. 

American Home Shield offers coverage for your systems and appliances and ranges from $1500 to $3000 respectively. The contact is easy to secure, takes effect within a month, and can be as short as a year or if you would prefer, you can take a long-standing home shield as well. 

American Home Shield is a pioneer in home appliance and home systems coverage and has one of the best and convenient plans that you can purchase. There are solely system plans with around 10 system utilities, appliance plans with around 10 appliances, and a combo plan that has a combination of systems and appliances that you want to cover. 

You may also choose your own plan with 10 systems and appliances by choosing the add-on scheme. You can cover some of the items that are not covered under systems and applications in the add-on category such as HVAC, Pool, Home Spas, Electronic pumps, sewer pumps, etc. 

Plans and Coverages under American Home Shield

American Homeshield has very comprehensive plans suitable for all kinds of customers. You can choose from add-ons to include things that are not covered in the main plans. Below are some of the main key points of the plans available under American Home Shield:

  • The System Plan

Covers equipment that is required to run the home smoothly such as :

Air Conditioners, Heating Systems, Electrical Works, Doorbells, Smoke Detectors, Ceiling fans, Plumbing, Water Heater, Garbage Disposal, Water Dispenser, Central Vacuum, Rekey, etc. 

  • The Appliance Plan

Appliance plan covers major appliances of a household such as :

Dryers, Dishwashers, Microwave Oven, Trash Compactor, Ice Maker, Garage Door Opener, Food center, etc. 

  • The Combo Plan

The combo plan is a safe and effective plan that lets you combine 10 of the systems and appliances together such as:

Refrigerators, Oven or Stove, Washers and Dryers, Dishwashers, Microwave oven, Trash Compactor, Icemaker, Garage Door Opener, built-in food center, AC and AC Ducts, Heating, and Heating Ducts, Electrical items, Doorbells, Smoke Detectors, Ceiling Fans, Plumbing, Water dispenser, Garbage Disposal, etc. 

American Home Shield

  • Add-On Plans

There are many Add ons that you can choose to add to your plan that is not covered in either of the plans such as:

Pool, Home Spas, Well Pump, Septic Pump, Guest Unit, Sewer Pump, HVAC Tune-up, Electronic Extended warranties on appliances. 

These are some of the plans under American Home Shield. You may even create your own custom-made plan for suiting your individual requirements.

Service Network

The American Home Shield has a network of 15000 providers around the USA. The plan covers all of 49 states except Alaska and has amazing American Home Shield Reviews from customers who currently have opted or had opted for the plan. 

The claims network falls under the Complaint resolution program which has a very positive review from customers for being swift and speedy with outstanding customer service. The American Home Shield pays out based on your contract when you incur a breakdown of a covered appliance or system. 

All you need to do is to call the helpline which works 24hrs every 7 days of the week. The hotline will collect your breakdown details and check for the coverage on the item and the original invoice of the item to estimate the payout. 

They will then send out a technician who will verify the cost of the payout that needs to be provided to the homeowner. Based on a mutual workout, this payout is paid to the customer. Most customers have been satisfactory with their claims and payout strategy and have an overall good quality of service and network panning the whole country.

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