7 Creative Touches to Add to Your Kitchen

Having a hard time choosing the best kitchen sinks? The kitchen is often regarded as being the heart of a home. As such, it comes as no surprise that some people remain hesitant about the ways in which they can add creative items to their kitchen to make the heart of their home unique and inviting. To help you with your kitchen renovation project, we’ve listed some creative touches you can add to your kitchen.

1) Smart Fridge

Would it be nice if your fridge kept a track of all the items that were in it? With a smart fridge, you can do just that. Nowadays, companies like Samsung and LG have been developing smart fridges that have features that you simply couldn’t imagine ten years ago. Besides giving you the ability to check the status of your fridge, most smart fridges now come equipped with cameras that let you see inside so you know exactly what to get while you shop. Some fridges come with touchscreen displays and enable you to use them as a communication center for your house.

2) Kitchen Island

One of the more creative things you can do is to renovate your kitchen and add a kitchen island. A kitchen island can be best described as being a freestanding cabinet which you can use to match your existing design or complement it. Kitchen islands come with kitchen stools that are placed around them. They also come with cabinets and storage drawers that are large enough to store medium size appliances. Kitchen islands operate as the focal point in the kitchen. By using a kitchen island, you gain access to more space, storage, an additional sink, and more counter space.


3) Waterfall Edge Countertop

If you’re looking for a wow factor in your kitchen renovation project, adding a waterfall edge countertop can do the trick. As its name implies, waterfall edge countertops can be best described as being countertops that feature a design that does not end at the edge, but rather a design that continues to go toward the floor at a 90-degree angle. Said in simpler terms, a traditional countertop has designs of which typically end at the edge of the countertop. A waterfall edge countertop does not adhere to this restriction so the design elements encompass the top and side portions of the cabinet, creating a waterfall effect.

4) Art

Even though art is usually an afterthought that people never really consider when it comes to decorating their homes, art is one of the most effective decorating tools. For starters, it provides homeowners with a color palette they can go by to add matching colors within a room to create an atmosphere of consistency. In addition to that, their art can help to set the right tone. Yellow and orange colors can help to provide a welcoming tone. Blue and green can help to procure a calming tone. Meanwhile red and orange can help to encourage lively, meaningful conversations.

5) Bar Cart

If you’re going for a more vintage look for your kitchen, a vintage bar cart can help you do just that. A bar cart is an excellent way to add a certain degree of vintage glamour to your kitchen. Regardless if you like alcohol or not, there are several ways for you to make use of the bar cart such as to store plants, coffee mugs, and snacks.


6) Plants

Adding plants to your kitchen may seem awkward, but they can help to reduce stress and improve the air quality of your kitchen. This in itself can prove to be especially useful if you rarely open the windows or rely on an air conditioning unit during the summer months. It can also help to give your kitchen a more natural look and atmosphere. It’s also worth noting that research suggests that the simple act of looking at plants can help to reduce stress levels and evoke a feeling of tranquility.

7) Touchless Faucets

Even though most homeowners shy away from touchless faucets because of the expenses that are associated with them, touchless faucets can help to save you money in the long run. This is because touchless faucets have an automatic faucet shut-off feature that is much more efficient than a traditional faucet shut-off valve that is prone to wear and tear. 

By installing touchless faucets in your kitchen, it will surely make your kitchen stand out amongst your guests who know that the idea of using the handles of a traditional faucet is counterproductive since once you finish washing your hand you have to retouch the same handle that you initially touched with your dirty hands.

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