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TV Units Melbourne: How To Elevate Your Living Room Experience

The living room plays a very important part in a home. It’s where families usually huddle together for family time, or where they welcome guests when there are any. On days when you’re off from work and you just want to relax, apart from your bedroom, this is also where you can put your foot up – literally, and chill.

It’s just but fitting, therefore, to put a lot of emphasis on making sure that your living room gives you a comfortable experience. There are many design elements for you to make it look more put-together and inviting.

To help you out, this article brings you tips on how you can elevate your living room experience.

1. Choose the Right Television Unit

With the rapid technology change, this also means one thing. Almost every home be it in Melbourne or anywhere else around the world will have a TV in its living room. Whether it’s a small one or one of those giant flat screens, this is one that kids and adults mutually love.

That said, this also means that a living room will almost always have a floating TV unit. Nowadays this is more than just a functional place to put your TV on – literally. Even for those who’ve chosen to hang their TV on the wall, a TV unit can still help spruce up space and add dimension to an otherwise blank wall.

Along that line, here are some tips you can apply, so you can end up choosing the right TV unit:

  • Choose a comfortable viewing height, if you were to put your TV on top of the unit. You shouldn’t strain your neck whatsoever;
  • Complement the room layout: if your room is small, then both the TV and the unit it’s on has to be of a smaller size;
  • Pick the right material, which most likely will be a matter of preference be it wood, glass, or metal, among others.

Now that you’ve got these tips when choosing one, you can start window shopping. Check out entertainment & TV units in RJ Living Melbourne showroom for a wide range of TV units for every choice and preference.

2. Put in Cozy Textiles

One way to add depth and drama to your otherwise barren couch is to put in throw pillows and a snugly blanket or throw. Especially in the cold, winter months, or rainy days (if you live in a tropical country), these can easily warm up the space.

How nice would it be to cuddle in for a movie night with popcorn or hot choco, and you feel the warmth from the comfy couch plus a throw.

That’s when you know you’ve just nailed the game of comfort.

But wait, there’s more! As an added tip, you can use these throw pillows and blankets as your accent piece on your sofa. Rather than have one in the same size and color, you can also choose to go for options that stand out, and have playful prints to it.

3. Decorate with Meaningful Objects

When it comes to decorating, often, you may get caught up with buying store-bought design items that every single thing up on your living room shelves are from the store. There’s no added personal touch to it. When you do this, your living room will feel more like a showroom than one that’s truly yours.

Take time to go through your things, and then you might find some meaningful items to put up. These would include photos of your family and other memorabilia. If you love to travel, you may even have some travel mementos that you can now display.

It’s better when you can tell a story of each item that you’ve displayed, as these can also serve as a conversational piece when you’ve got guests around.

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ate Wood Elements

If you’ve got a blank wall that you’re looking to improve, a good way to do it is to incorporate wood elements.

Wood has a very warm feel, and it can also instantly make your home look and feel a lot more luxurious. Plus, it comes with so many different finish types. It can make your living feel like a cozy cabin, by bringing that natural element from trees inside.

Finish this up with a few plants, then your living room will already have that relaxing, resort feel to it.

5. Accessorize Your Ceiling with Light Fixtures

Lastly, don’t forget your ceiling! This is the icing on top of the cake, and it puts everything together. Your ceiling is going to look so bland if you settle for ordinary-looking lights. Don’t be afraid to play around with light fixtures! If you go to a hardware store, you’ll find that you’re not going to be without a variety of options.

In fact, the light fixtures can add more life to your living room. Put in bulbs in warm white hues, and it’ll make your living room feel elegant. 


With these tips, now you’ll have people walking into your home truly amazed at how beautiful and comfortable your living room is. More than that, it’s also now a space where everyone in your family will love to hang out. As you can see, it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to make these changes. With creativity and the insights above, you can now heighten and improve what would’ve otherwise been a drab and dying living room.

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