11 Must Haves on Your Kitchen Countertop


Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen can be a messy place if you do not find a way to organize things. Cabinets, drawers, and other storage solutions can help keep your kitchen clutter-free. 

However, there are items you use every time you see some action in your kitchen. Storing these items now and then can be cumbersome and tiring. It would be best to leave them on your countertop. Here are 11 must-haves on your kitchen countertop to get you ready for anything.

1. Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale

Every kitchen deserves an accurate and easy-to-use food scale. This small kitchen tool is essential among home bakers because of the precise measurements required by baked products. A kitchen scale can also be an excellent tool for dieters and weight-watchers, noting the ounces and grams of food they consume.

The best food scale can convert various measurement units, from Imperial measurements to the metric system and vice versa. It also has a tare function for better accuracy and a large readable display for enhanced operation.

2. Coffee Maker 

More than 17 million American households have a coffee machine in their kitchen. It is one of the most important kitchen appliances anyone can have, perking up mornings and re-energizing family members at any time of the day.

An electric drip coffee maker should sit nicely on your countertop. If you want to go all-out in your coffee-making adventures, you may want to get a super automatic espresso machine, like this Jura Z8. However, it is essential to recognize that these coffee machines have a bigger footprint than your typical coffee maker.

3. Silverware Caddy

Silverware Caddy

Keeping your silverware in your kitchen drawer maintains its cleanliness. However, opening and closing your drawer every time you need a spoon, dish, or other silver utensils can be cumbersome and annoying. After all, we all need these items whenever we are in the kitchen.

A caddy should keep your silverware organized, ensuring optimum accessibility when needed. You may want to choose a caddy that complements your countertop’s aesthetics to make your kitchen look more stunning.

4. Toaster

Some families like to put their toasters in a cabinet. As such, they have to strain to bring the appliance down from its storage whenever they want a nice toast for breakfast.

You can always leave your toaster on your kitchen countertop. After all, most Americans have toasted bread for breakfast to go with their eggs and bacon. It would be tedious to get this small kitchen appliance from your cabinet and back. 

5. Blender

Every family should have a blender to make soups, smoothies, and juices. If you choose the right blender, you can even process other food items, such as meats and coffee beans. Some blenders feature specialty attachments, including mixing and chopping bowls and personal cups.

Placing this small kitchen appliance on your countertop makes sense. It entices your family to create healthier drinks using fresh vegetables and fruits. Most blenders are heavy, making them quite bothersome to store in a kitchen cabinet.

6. Mixer


Not everyone will agree with the mixer’s inclusion in this list. However, many homeowners are now discovering the wonders and joys of baking their favorite pastries. You are welcome to mix your dough ingredients using only your hands, but a mixer can prepare your food more efficiently than you ever could.

Mixers come in different colors and styles that can complement your kitchen. You can also create a baking corner on your kitchen countertop and ask your kids to help you prepare their favorite cupcakes, donuts, and bagels.

7. Common Ingredients and Utensils

It would be best to keep all your commonly-used ingredients on the kitchen countertop than in your cabinet or drawer. You can place your salt and pepper shaker and bottles of oil on a tray to keep them handy whenever you are ready to cook.

The same is true for frequently used utensils, such as slotted spoons, ladles, spatula, and tongs. While you can store these in your kitchen drawer, it will be more convenient to leave them on the countertop. You can use a tall container or caddy to organize these utensils. 

8. Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl

If you want your family to start eating healthy, you may want to keep a large fruit bowl on your kitchen countertop. It is a lot better than storing these food items in your mini fridge. You can place bananas, apples, oranges, and other fiber-rich and nutrient-packed fruits. Kids can take any of these items at any time.

Fruit bowls come in different materials and styles. You can choose a wooden bowl for a more rustic appeal or a glass bowl for a more exquisite touch.

9. Condiments

Like your common ingredients, your condiments deserve a place on your kitchen countertop. It will be more convenient to place the soy sauce, hot sauce, chili sauce, fish sauce, ketchup, and other condiments in a rack or a shallow tray to maintain kitchen organization.

You can also use specialty canisters for your condiments. Glass and ceramic canisters are pretty popular nowadays. It would add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, while keeping it spick and span.


Whether you have a convection oven or a microwave, these kitchen appliances should always stay on your countertop and not in your cabinet. Many households have microwave ovens because of their fast cooking and reheating times. 

On the other hand, steam-convection ovens produce more tender, more delicious, and more nutritious foods for your family. Of course, if you cannot afford a steam-convection oven, you can always opt for a traditional oven. Regardless, it deserves a spot on your countertop.

11. Fresh Herbs

Watching celebrity chefs prepare meals on national TV gives you the impression that fresh herbs are better than dried herbs. While there are dishes that work best with dried herbs, nothing beats fresh herbs’ nutrient value.

Having fresh thyme, rosemary, and basil on your kitchen countertop can make cooking steaks, salmon, and pasta sauces more straightforward. You can also have parsley and mint if you want.

These eleven must-haves on your kitchen countertop ensure more efficient food preparation and serving. It also contributes to a more organized and clutter-free kitchen. Of course, you can also add your favorite kitchen item to the list if it can make your kitchen adventures more straightforward and more enjoyable.

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