Amber Park Launched in Singapore, Condo Details Revealed End 2019

Amber Park, the Freehold lease condominium development, located next to Amber Road, leads to Tanjong Katong Road. It is a private condominium development that is managed by CDL, as a joint venture with Hong Realty.

The Amber Park showroom includes a premium site, jointly developed by two companies, and is planned to have incredible views of the sea, gardens, and the horizon, which faces East Coast Park. The site’s view will include views of the crystal blue seas in Singapore. Since it’s only 200 meters walking distance from Tanjong Katong’s MRT Station, the site is set to offer many features, besides its overall charming appeal. Amber Park is only 200 meters away from the MRT station, making it a hotspot for residents both young and old.

Amber Park’s showroom has many different things to offer. Not only is it safe, serving as the optimal reliable asset for investment purposes, but it also provides direct access to the Marina, which adds to the fact the it is indeed the perfect destination for those that are seeking a once-in-a-lifetime residential opportunity. Whether you’re deciding to live at Amber Park yourself, or rather invest in it, you will get potential residents’ attention. It also has incredible landscapes and a natural environment that offers a lot to those who grab the opportunity to own it.

Amber Park’s Floor Plans

This private condominium residential development offers exquisite housing opportunities to residents that are residing in Singapore and prefer to buy a house for either themselves or at least invest in a home for others to lease.
Amber Park’s Floor Plans

The development offers more features than any other potential residence, including scenic views of the sea, along with East Coast Park. It’s situated a mere 200 meters walking distance away from Tanjong Katong’s MRT Station, which presents residents with access to transport right on their doorstep.
The layout of Amber Park’s condominium project site has a dual view, which serves as a major plus for residents. Since Amber Park’s condo’s and retail spaces are set to sell out quickly, one must act now to receive the opportunity to purchase this luxurious apartment.
Amber Park’s Floor Plans
For additional information about Amber Park, or to review the condominiums’ floor plans, contact the property developers on their website. Additionally, you can also register to gain access to a preview online. The property’s floor plans also include different sizes, starting from one-bedroom to five-bedroom apartments. Once registered on the website, users will receive regular updates for new floor plans to be released on Amber Park’s website.

The Price Estimate

The development’s prices may vary stating from 2600 to 2800 psf. Prices are also subject to potential changes, which is yet to be confirmed. Once adjustments are taken into consideration, a better price estimate will surely be provided, particularly depending on the apartment’s size, as well as its features, which will determine the value thereof.

Pricing for Amber Park gets estimated based on the land rate which comes closest to S$1515/square foot/ plot ratio (PSF PPR). The most affordable residential apartments range from 1 million or more. The median price of an apartment at Amber Park will range from $2300 to $2400, which additionally includes marketing, apart from legal services and general costs. Additional costs also increase the current selling price of condominiums, which start at $2400 and can increase up to $2800.

Estimates are based on historical trends in the given area, profit margins, as well as many different costs, including marketing, property, and construction costs.

Since Amber Park offers a wide range of luxurious apartments, it’s price may differ compared to average costs.

Amber Park – The Perfect Location

The development’s physical address, 14 Amber Gardens, is in Singapore and its postal code is 439960. Its office operating hours also starts from nine in the morning, until eight in the evening.
Amber Park – The Perfect Location
This private condominium development is a freehold lease, located along Amber Road, leading directly to Tanjong Katong Road. The development has an incredible view of Coastal Park, as well as the sea from different angles, hence the reason why it’s extremely easy to find on a map. The development’s views additionally include other incredible views, including a spectacular horizon every morning, which is secure, as well as surrounded by countless attractions surrounding entertainment. It is only 200 meters from Tanjong Katong’s MRT Station.

The MRT Station is set to come quite in handy, particularly because it provides an easily accessible means of transportation, which is within walking distance of Amber Park. Given the property’s location and features, it’s an outstanding place of residence for just about anyone and can also end up being a reliable asset in the future.

The MRT Station is also located very close to the condos, just 3 minutes away. It’s also located very close to the Marina, set to be completed by 2023, which serves as just another reason for the development to be considered one incredible investment going forward.

For More Information About Amber Park provides additional information.

When on the website, one can easily access information, like details about the property itself, including flooring plans, prices of different condominiums, an in-depth overview related to projects, information about the website, as well as the developer’s details, contact info, the property’s address, trading hours, and news, updates/ press release information on the site.
For More Information About Amber Park
Entering the website, users can review floor plans, upon registration, which is accessible once updated plans get released for new condominiums.

When registering on Amber Park’s website, you will get receive regular updates. You will additionally be informed about flooring plans once they get released, get notified for early previews of the condos, and receive updates delivered to your mailbox.

The development’s physical address is as follows:

Condo Name: Amber Park
Address: 14 Amber Gardens Singapore 439960
Telephone: (To Be Updated)
Opening Hours : 9am – 8pm

The development can be visited by anyone interested in either viewing or the opportunity of investing in the condominiums. Meetings may be arranged online, on the company website upon registering. A preview can also be arranged at Amber Park.

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