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Boulevard 88 launched in Singapore, Condo Details Revealed End 2019

Boulevard 88 launched in Singapore, Condo Details Revealed End 2019

Boulevard 88 developed by City Developments Limited (CDL), is a freehold development located in the very middle of Orchard Road, a road especially known for being one of the globe’s most incredible and famous shopping districts, right up there with New York and Milan. This prime property is situated along Tanglin and Cuscaden Road, as well as the Nassim neighborhood. For residents lucky enough to live at Boulevard 88, they are set to experience a whole new world of high-end shopping facilities, along with a variety of dining options. They will be spoiled by everything Boulevard 88 offers.

It is a Freehold residential development, located in Orchard Boulevard, and even rises taller than the famous Singapore EDITION Hotel.

This is a profound address, which is complete with high-quality everything, and just about anything you can think of, all of which CDL offers. Thus far, many residents are interested and excited about the potential residential units.

Looking at the exclusive development, it’s understandable just why offers roll in, particularly because of its expansive views of Orchard’s famous shopping district, along with the Paterson and Tomlinson area.

Boulevard 88 is currently being developed by Granmil Holdings, joint venturing with Hong Leong Holdings, as well as City Developments Ltd and Lea Investments. Granmil Holdings have a hand in a few high-end properties launches, along with many products in the property sector. Their portfolio is quite impressive and includes The Singapore EDITION, JW Marriot, and South Beach.

Granmil Holdings Presents the Stunning Boulevard 88

Granmil Holding’s new freehold development is designed as a mixed development, which includes two 28-story towers, along with an 8-story block, which is a hotel.
Granmil Holdings Presents the Stunning Boulevard 88

The site is located at the country’s most sought-after address, which lures tourists from all around the world each year. Cuscaden road is located in parallel with Tanglin, serving as a connection for Napier and Orchard Road. It also connects directly to Anguilla Park and Grange Road.

A Prominent Location Designed amid Heritage

Boulevard 88 is considered a very prominent building and sits right up there next to Regent Singapore, Three Orchard by the Park, St Regis Residences, and the St Regis Hotel. It is also located at the very front side of Thomson East Coast Line.

CDL, Consortium and Granmil Holdings, presents the very best of architectural style in the popular Cuscaden neighborhood. It will present impeccable quality, a range of concierge services, big unit spaces, as well as intimate facilities.

More information about Boulevard 88, all of which are relevant to government authorities.

The Incredible Orchard and Cuscaden Area

Its high-quality and its wide range of shopping centers ranging from small to big, all of which are located close to Boulevard 88, are very well known by residents living throughout Singapore. The Shopping Mall is only a few minutes stroll away. For more options of shopping centers in and around the Boulevard 88 area, you can visit Delfi Orchard Mall or the Far East Shopping Centre.

Boulevard 88 freehold condominium, developed by Granmil Holdings, will be situated on the top of a hotel component, which consists of 208 different hotel rooms, 2 blocks of 28 stories apartments, making up 154 residential units.

Boulevard is conveniently located at the end of Orchard Road, a global premier shopping district. It is a luxury, world-class shopping destination, but doesn’t have any disturbances, such as excessive traffic.
The Incredible Orchard and Cuscaden Area
The famous shopping district is currently a part of an extensive study, which suggests a revamp for the shopping center in the future. There are also ongoing dining options, complete with delights that are curated to satisfy all your needs.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Boulevard 88?

  • Good roads and outstanding transport connectivity
  • Stellar local and international Schools
  • The centralized location, minutes to CBD, the Central Business District, Harbournet, as well as South Marina Bay
  • Upscale neighborhood
  • Freehold development
  • A luxury living experience

The History of Tanglin

Tanglin Road received its name from Mr. William himself (Napier), which is located on 26.8 hectares of terrain.

In 1822, after Sir Stamford’s successful allotment, the Chinese, primarily Teochew’s decedents, ventured bravely from a Chinese-dominated part of Chinatown, where they colonized the now popular Tanglin area, which at the time, had scores of tigers. The settlers established work for themselves, including growing spices like sireh, nutmeg, pepper, and gambier. Once the Chinese settled, arriving gradually years later. settlers from Europe, particularly Scotsmen, started growing their own spice plantations and ended up building colonial-style bungalows, as well as open-face villas.

Tanglin has a lot of history and even gave birth to Scottish names, like Edinburgh named after Duke of Edinburgh in 1869, Claymore, Tyersall, Cluny, Scott, and more.
The History of Tanglin
According to records, Napier Road was designed on the way to William Napier’s house, the familiar-sounding “Tang Leng” in its mother-tongue, Chinese, that has been constructed in 1855. “Tang Leng” was likely named after a Chinese name “twa tang Leng”, meaning “great east hill peaks”, and written in a direct translation, which is a reference to many hills in the surrounding area.

The Lucrative Orchard Planning Area

Strict Urban Design rules have been set in place for developments in Orchard’s Planning Area.

As the country’s leading shopping region, also popularly known as one of the best international retail locations, Boulevard 88 presents a lot of excitement to local residents and tourists. Orchard Road is extremely vibrant, complete with all kinds of different shopping malls, luxurious and boutique hotels, along with a massive range of food and beverage places to choose from. The tropical boulevard that runs through the district, became like a magnet to people from countries of around the world.

Guidelines are set in place to guide the overall development of Orchard’s planning area, with the purpose to ensure individual buildings may contribute to, as well as strengthen a planning prospect for the area. Monuments and protected buildings are all subject to a specific conservation guideline, all of which are set to take precedence over the project’s guidelines.

Condo Name: Boulevard 88
Address: 88/86 Orchard Boulevard Singapore 248650
Telephone: +6563879196
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm

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