All You Need to Know to Build a Great Balcony

Most people want a balcony in their home and refuse to buy any house that doesn’t have one. This raises a question: are all balconies created equal? If you are planning on constructing a balcony or buying a house with a balcony, how do you distinguish a bad balcony from a good one? This article will guide you through all the characteristics of a good balcony.

What Direction is the Balcony Facing?

What Direction is the Balcony Facing

The direction the balcony is facing will have long-lasting repercussions and you should be acutely aware of them. Depending on your location on the globe, one of the directions will get substantially more sunlight, while the opposite direction will prevent a big chunk of natural lighting from coming in through the balcony. For example, in the Northern hemisphere, the sun is always to the south, and that means building a balcony facing south will get you the maximum amount of natural light.

Be careful, however, as you shouldn’t just build a balcony facing the sun. Depending on your local weather, your house might get too hot during the summer, which can be painful. Plan ahead, think how much sunlight you’re comfortable with, check weather trends, and then decide which direction your balcony should be facing.

The Size of the Balcony

Depending on what you want to do with the balcony, size could prove to be extremely important.

If you live alone or with a SO, you probably don’t need a lot of room to sit down and relax on the balcony. Most balconies can easily accommodate two people.

On the other hand, if you get regular visitors, have a big headcount living in the house, or want to regularly invite your friends over to hang out on the balcony, you’ll probably need one that’s above average in size. Spending time with your family basking in the light is a wonderful experience, and it is definitely worth it. Think about what you’ll want in a few years and plan ahead for that.

The Scenery Outlooking the Balcony

The Scenery Outlooking the Balcony
The scenery seen from the balcony will make or break its value – if your balcony looks out on a few high-rise buildings and a busy and loud street, you can be sure it’ll cause more annoyance than comfort when you decide to take a break and relax on the balcony.

On the other hand, a balcony overlooking a park will not provide an excellent view, as well as fresh air, and will have a calming effect on you. If you’re one of those lucky few whose house overlooks a nice park, you should absolutely build a balcony.

It’ll basically pay for itself with how much your real estate’s value rises with such a balcony. If, however, you have financial trouble and are looking for a cheap alternative, you can always install a Juliet balcony that requires almost no construction and gives you all the benefits of a great view, natural lighting, and great air circulation.

Awnings and Canopies

Awnings and canopies are one good way of controlling the weather and protecting yourself from its most harmful effects. In almost all areas of the world, there are some hot summer days when we wish it was cloudy instead, or perhaps you might get annoyed by the sound of rain against the window.

A retractable awning is excellent for those days – you can extend it and create a shaded area on your balcony that will prevent natural light from entering your house, and you can even sit down on the balcony and enjoy the view in shade.

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